New luxury houses – for-36-million, It's everything

- William Karlsson, 27, broke through in a way that is not expected in the casino, the Golden Knights, a debut season in the NHL and 2017-18. Karlsson scored 43

New luxury houses – for-36-million, It's everything

- William Karlsson, 27, broke through in a way that is not expected in the casino, the Golden Knights, a debut season in the NHL and 2017-18. Karlsson scored 43 goals, and the team went to the Stanley Cup finals.

this is the Knights, now in its third season, and it has been a tough journey.

as of the Team to date the only coach Gerard Gallant was fired in January and replaced it immediately with a Peter DeBoer, who had to go to a San Jose Sharks club that had quickly become the Golden Knights are the greatest of rivals.

"It will be a little awkward, like meeting a exflickvän again, this relationship did not end well," said DeBoer jokingly about his first meeting with the team.
- William Karlsson broke the drought with a hat-trick
- William Karlsson, coincided with the addition of a fingerskada that kept him from the ice for almost an entire month. This went on for two months without a goal for Karlsson.

Of the season has been a disappointment to me. What I mean is, I have to stand here with ten goals, and it is not at all the way I want it to be. I would like to have done to score more goals. But that's the way it is, I'm not going to go and do it, but you will take it match to match, and looks to score in the next match in the place.

the Day after the interview broke up, the Karlsson måltorkan with a hat-trick off the street – so it seems to be moving in the direction of the Karlsson-like.

ever Since he came back from injury, he has put together a new toppkedja by Mark Stone and Max Pacioretty on the wings.

" It has been a pleasure. It is, of course, two really good players, so I'm just trying to keep it as simple as I can, and just play. It has been proven to work pretty well.

the city has six straight wins, including against top teams like st. Louis, St. Louis, and Washington, and the tops close to the Pacific division.

" It's superjämnt. There are a lot of teams that reach the playoffs, so it's very important matches in the meantime. So it's a good thing that we have put ourselves in a decent position, but as I said, it's 20 games or something like that, so it's important to be on top of your game.

" in Colorado, continues on its vinnarkoncept, and they've been tough to meet. And they've got this young guy is Cale, the Spouses, too, have been really, really good. Since Edmonton has had the top as well, to show that they are stable. There are many of them.

William's new role – beyond the ice
Outside of the plan, Karlsson has recently become a co-owner of the restaurant, the Player's Locker.

carlson and lagkamraterna, Alex Tuch, Deryk Engelland, Reilly Smith, Shea Theodore, joined forces with the stjärnkrögare that, at least in name, is in the best position to run the restaurant with a hockey player – and Wolfgang Puck.

the Men were well-known for the restaurant, Spago, in Hollywood, is a classic refuge for the filmvärldens A listekändisar. Nowadays, there are Wolfgang Puck restaurants from all over the world, and after a period of time, then, even in the Las Vegas suburb of Summerlin, where the Golden Knights train.

" It was the most åttionian here, and Tuch, who was one of the driving factors. He has put up a proposal, and a few of the guys we got, so I figured, ”why not?”. It can be a lot of fun. of a sports bar, the Players ' Locker, where you can eat's in the burger.Photo by: < / b> elling
the spot is a modern-style sports bar and offers of course the star quality of hockeyspelarna. On the menu, including the meatballs and the k's in the burger.

" Mmm. I'm not even a vegan, but it was a veganburgare for me, haha. I don't know why! I'm not all that involved. I got there and saw it. Vegan burger? Yes, yes, yes, all right.” However, it should be good in any case. I haven't tried it. But I will try later.

" Well, yes, that is true. I bought the house, now, also, in the summer, so it feels like it has been, as you say, rooted in the city. It's really a good thing.
- William Karlsson of luxury houses: ”Good company to have its own swimming pool,”
- William Karlsson is signed to a åttaårskontrakt with the Golden Knights in June and is worth more than 450 million euros, after two seasons of closing the contract, and he wrote a one-year contract in the summer of 2018) can be Karlsson for now, sit back in the Nevadasolen without having to worry about the future, in the same way.

" I've been in an apartment before, so it was nice to have a house and have their own swimming pool and that kind of thing.

Yes, it's not just the swimming pool. ”This home has it all”, said the mäklarannonsen of the house is around 750 square feet, with views of both the Strip and the mountains outside of Las Vegas. There are five bedrooms and seven bathrooms and all the modern amenities you could possibly need.

"It's definitely bigger than the apartment, it's a little bit more," says Karlsson.

the price tag: about 3.7 million u.s. dollars, about 36 million euros. < / p>

< 's girlfriend, Emily, Ferguson – who became a tv celebrity in the united states, and the tvillingsystern Haley has been in the dejtingsåporna The Bachelor of arts and Bachelor in paradise” – has shared with me photos and videos of the house on Instagram, you can see that the pair has been a part of Stockholmsmotiv on the walls.

" yes, Yes, we do have a little bit of an element of the home. But it's the most she's doing interior design, she likes that sort of thing.

Then, in the fall, they have also been joined by Obi-Wan Explains. A Golden retriver, and jindoblandrasen was saved from the slaughter in the republic of Korea, and was given a new lease of life in the Las Vegas area.

" Yes. I'm living the dream, ha ha!

Here you can see all of the mäklarbilder from the luxury houses (external link). "

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