The empty store shelves, when the swedes, the corona-preppar

Bread, rice, pasta, and frozen ready-made meals. The evening was a lot of bortrensat at a large Ica Kvantum Kungens kurva, south of Stockholm, sweden. The world

The empty store shelves, when the swedes, the corona-preppar

Bread, rice, pasta, and frozen ready-made meals. The evening was a lot of bortrensat at a large Ica Kvantum Kungens kurva, south of Stockholm, sweden. The world began a long up to the time of closing. And all over the country will be similar to the testimony of the witness.

the Swedes and the hamsters their food in the coronasmittans of the tracks.

" We have the day to day planning meetings, which is working on the issue both at headquarters and in the stores. This is a special group that is working on this issue and keep it all together, " says Fredrik Hägglund, president and ceo of the ICA retailers association.

< Köprestriktion at the pharmacy
it May be useful to merchants and traders before the voluntary restrictions, for example, that it is not able to buy 15 kilos of rice, or something similar?

the Pharmacy the very Heart introduced, that you are only allowed to buy two or more packs of hand disinfectant. However, when it comes to food, there are no such restrictions. All of the dagligvaruaktörer had yesterday a meeting with the secretary of state. There is an ongoing debate, everyone knows that the supply of the goods will be available.

In several parts of the world are now in the retail trade of a clearly altered the buying behaviour of the consumers.

" purchasing patterns have changed significantly in the last couple of weeks. The people are more, and there is a significantly higher value of dry goods with a longer shelf life, " says Magnus Törnblom, head of media relations for The.

owned by the Company, among other things, Hemköpbutikerna and the web site of the food.see the. When it comes to home delivery of the food, it is a good idea to order in a timely manner, according to the League.

" It's a higher pressure, while online. It may be a little more difficult to get the delivery times you want, because we only have a certain number of cars that drive by.

Coop's best week ever,

, which stands out, is that a sudden increase in the sale of flour, meal, and sugar. Tarik Belqaid, the press secretary of the Coop, see also an increase in the rate of the dried goods and the canned goods.

" We had our best week ever last week, and when it comes to the home. All of the units of pressure, and you have to be fast if you want your food to be delivered to the home. However, if you are a bit creative it is possible to find open gaps, on the same day, " he said.
Cleared the pastahyllorna in the Trading of in Sunderland.Photo by: < / b> by ALEX LJUNGDAHL , toilet Paper bunkered up by a lot.Photo by: < / b> by ALEX LJUNGDAHL to Empty the shelves of painkillers at a pharmacy in Stockholm, sweden.Photo by: < / b> by ALEX LJUNGDAHL Previous Next Exit fullscreen mode < / p> Expertmyndigheterna has, so far, it is not recommended that a stock of food, according to Tarik Belqaid.

" this is not necessary, then let the people do as they please.
”the Challenge is that it's filled to”
and that of the Magnus League in The agreement that at the present time there are some who suggest that the food will run out from the suppliers or the warehouse.

" We are still a relatively well-functioning of the refills in the stores, as supplies and inventories have not been affected much so far. It is, perhaps, the end is temporarily in the shop, but since then, we have been able to complete it, " says Magnus League.

" There is a great deal of pressure on the supply chain, and to ensure that it is sent out to more stores. The challenge is that it is filled in. Our job is to make sure that there are products in the store, " says Tarik Belqaid.

on Friday, has so far 42 cases of coronasmitta has been confirmed in Sweden. 33 of these are in the region, six of the people in the region, the county of Östergötland, and the rest of the region, the city of Kalmar.

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Updated Date: 13 March 2020, 15:00

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