Travel in Europe: Corona-restrictions always different

Before traveling within Europe or from third countries must inform passengers and business people more accurate than existing Corona-restrictions than in the pa

Travel in Europe: Corona-restrictions always different

Before traveling within Europe or from third countries must inform passengers and business people more accurate than existing Corona-restrictions than in the past. Because the States go in their own ways. Hungary is the EU-recommendation on the relaxation of the corona-related entry regulations for citizens from 14 Non-EU countries for the time being, not apply. The Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced on Thursday on its Facebook page. The only exception is the southern neighbouring country of Serbia, whose citizens are allowed to travel for some time fully back to Hungary. For citizens from the other 13 third countries for which the EU had recommended a loosening, is the entry to Hungary is still not possible, said Orban.

"The easing is not in the interest of the health of the Hungarian people," he added. The EU had adopted its recommendation for the start of the week, in power, she was kicked on Wednesday. It refers to Algeria, Australia, Georgia, Japan, Canada, Morocco, Montenegro, new Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay. The list is not legally binding. Business people from Japan and South Korea are allowed to travel on the basis of a derogation already been to Hungary.

The British government, by contrast, a newspaper wants to report that their quarantine rules for travelers from abroad. How "The Daily Telegraph" reported, is scheduled to be completed by the quarantine rules for 75 countries. The concerns almost all EU countries, as well as the British territories, including Bermuda and Gibraltar, as well as Turkey, Thailand, Australia and new Zealand.

Turkey is pushing for Change in the EU-entry list

Changes to the EU list for Entry from third countries, it also aims for Turkey to be included. Because the tourism in Turkey, the current travel warning by the Federal government hits hard. Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and Minister of tourism, Mr. Mehmet Nuri Ersoy is on Thursday, after Germany, to talk about this topic. Cavusoglu will meet foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD), Ersoy with Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU). The organization Amnesty International demanded in this connection, to associate the rules for holiday-makers with security guarantees for employees of international human rights organizations. You would also have to be in Turkey for sure.

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people coming from a high-risk area, to Germany, to test have to reckon with a 14-day quarantine. However, tourists from Turkey can be of the quarantine regime freed, if you don't have at the time of entry to Germany, a negative Corona Test that is older than 48 hours. The Federal government had canceled in March due to the Corona pandemic imposed a global travel warning, in the meantime, for 32 European countries. For the Turkey and about 160 other countries, but according to the current condition up to the 31. August. Turkey hits, the third most popular holiday destination of Germans to Spain and Italy particularly hard. In addition, the Federal government had classified the Turkey, along with around 130 other countries as a Corona-risk area.

Ankara has been promoting for some time now, German tourists, especially the resort town of Antalya is popular. Airports and Hotels prepare for foreign tourists. The institutions have to keep a number of directives, on the beaches, about a safe distance, at the Pool, there are only pre-Packed towels, and in airports and Hotels thermal image cameras are used. The government has developed a certification program, to the caterers and Hotels can voluntarily participate. Also German companies such as Tüv Süd inspectors.

the Corona-pandemic, the tourist numbers in Turkey sharply. In may, around 30,000 visitors came to the country, and thus the 99.26 percent less than in the prior-year period, such as the Ministry of tourism announced on Monday. In the first five months of the year, the visitor numbers fell accordingly in comparison to the prior-year period to 66,35 percent. Last year, more than five million Germans there were, according to official figures holiday. Tourism is one of the most important industries for Turkey.

Date Of Update: 02 July 2020, 10:19

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