Dresden: Two policemen injured at work in asylum seekers

In Dresden, police officers and security guards were attacked by residents of a first-time accommodation. Previously, a dispute between two residents was escalated.

Dresden: Two policemen injured at work in asylum seekers

In a police mission in a first-time accommodation in Dresden, home residents, according to police, have injured two officials and a security guard. Four residents were detained, and Dresden Police Directorate shared with m.

So on Friday night, two men from Georgia were arguing about food issue. Because dispute escalated, security guards called police to help. Officials were able to bring dispute under control first. However, a group of home dwellers gared and attacked emergency forces.

According to police, officials were pelted, kicked and beaten with burning cigarettes. Two policemen were slightly injured. Only by means of reinforcement could situation be reassured. The police did not share how many officials were in operation. The use lasted about 20 minutes.

Four men from Georgia aged between 17 and 42 years were arrested. Investigations are underway against m for Tatverdachts of land trespassing. The home management was not available on Sunday evening.

Date Of Update: 28 May 2018, 12:02

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