School: some images are characterised by antisemitic stereotypes

The Central Council of the Jews criticized the portrayal of Judaism in school books. Its history does not limit itself to the time between 1933 and 1945.

School:   some images are characterised by antisemitic stereotypes

The President of Central Council of Jews, Josef Schuster, has clearly criticised portrayal of Judaism in German textbooks. "There are sometimes pictures that are vonantisemitischen stereotypes and thus more reminiscent of striker than y would offer a SachlicheDarstellung," said Schuster of German press Agency. The striker was einjudenfeindliches propaganda hand, That appeared at Nazi era in HunderttausendfacherAuflage.

Josef Schuster is president of Central Council of Jews in Germany. © Peter Kneffel/DPA

"There are many textbooks that rudimentäraufzeichnen subject of Judaism," criticized Schuster. The history of Judentumsbeschränke is not based on time between 1933 and 1945. "It gabjüdisches live in Germany many centuries before, and re are esglücklicherweise again today."

Schuster once again spoke out in favour of making a visit to a concentration camp memorial to for everyone students a duty. "Such a visit may, however, be seen consumption hiking or as a purely obligatory event," said president of Central Council. "He must be undnachbereitet by teachers appropriately." The teachers must be given necessary Rüstzeugzur hand.

The President of Central Council also called for teachers to be trained in schools with a high number of pupils from immigrant families, especially for dealing with anti-Semitism. "Especially in main and secondary schools we have a growing proportion of young people whose families originate from countries where Israel is hostility in which antisemitism is part of everyday life," Schuster said. Teachers would have to learn how to deal with antisemitic utterances of such disciples.

Schuster has been formulating his demands for a number of years and has also been heard by Minister of Culture DerBundesländer. The Conference of Ministers of Culture and Zentralratunterzeichneten 2016 a joint declaration. In this y write that consult want to contribute to teaching of history, religion and culture of Judaism in its diversity and thus to give pupils a more nuanced picture of Jewish life in Germany.

Updated Date: 20 August 2018, 12:00

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