Texas is among the most populous countries when it comes to exotic animal ownership legislation

Texas is among the most populous countries when it comes to exotic animal ownership legislation

A movie of an escaped tiger drifting a residential road at Houston and arriving facial using the armed off-duty sheriff's deputy is making the rounds on interpersonal networking.

Throughout the experience, the Waller County sheriff's deputy could be heard yelling at a person thought to be the tiger's caretaker. No shots had been fired throughout the experience.

Texas is among the most populous countries in regards to exotic animal ownership legislation.

Texans wanting to have a tiger or other big cat must be eligible for a license. To be eligible, prospective owners should prove they can correctly crate and supply to the tiger for a pet.

Estimates on the number of tigers reside in Texas include 2,000 to 5,000. As stated by the World Wildlife Foundation, there are still an estimated 3,900 tigers from the wild worldwide.

The precise amounts are nearly impossible to pin down.

When officers arrived at the scene at Houston Sunday night, the tiger's proprietor who had been out on bail on a murder charge -- place the animal in a white Jeep Cherokee and drove , Houston authorities Cmdr. Ron Borza said during a news conference Monday. The guy got away after a short pursuit.

"My chief concern at the moment is focusing on locating him and locating the tiger as what I do not need him to do would be hurt which tiger. We've got loads of areas we could take that tiger and keep it secure and give it a house for the remainder of its lifetime," Borza stated.

Borza said citizens shouldn't possess exotic animals as pets since they may be unpredictable.

"If this tiger was supposed to escape and start doing any harm yesterday, I am sure one of those citizens could have taken the tiger. We've got loads of neighbors outside here with firearms and we do not wish to find that. It is not the creature's fault. It is unacceptable," he explained.

The guy also reportedly had two monkeys at the house, Borza stated. Authorities intend to control him with evading arrest, Borza stated.

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