The sharks on the ice: The ice-hockey site in Cologne, Germany is shaking tremendously

The "Eleventh in the Eleventh" is, for many people in Cologne are at least as important as a birthday and Christmas together. When the carnival starts, all of

The sharks on the ice: The ice-hockey site in Cologne, Germany is shaking tremendously

The "Eleventh in the Eleventh" is, for many people in Cologne are at least as important as a birthday and Christmas together. When the carnival starts, all of the Concerns previously, then it is a lot of dancing and singing, drinking and laughing. In the Corona of the year, the situation is different, the Concerns are a lot greater than ever, the celebrations were cancelled. In addition, the Cologne office, an all - day alcohol consumption and the ban on selling Alcohol outside of restaurants in the entire city area has has.

The same is true of the Cologne sharks, the celebrate each year. However, if you are currently on the 11.11. think you have other things to Worry about. Then the German ice hockey League (DEL) would like to start your preparation for the tournament, in order to test whether the season can work during a pandemic. The sharks will only be watching. As one of six of the 14 DEL-club-without the participation. Your two-digit Millionenetat is one of the largest in the League. But without the prospect of audience revenue "we would be a massive risk," says managing Director Philipp Walter, "we are not currently in the position, the machine responsibly sideline".

those machine since the beginning of March. Short-time work, no real team training, no travel, and no season. Even the third target start date is not before Christmas for sure. So many DEL-players for the Transition abroad or in the lower leagues have fled. Also from Cologne, Germany: Moritz Müller and Marcel Müller joined the second-division team from Kassel. And if your CEO speaks these days, it sounds as if you were wearing might never again a sharks Jersey: "The hockey site in Cologne, Germany is shaking violently."

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For months, DEL-representative, claims that a season without Fans would not be in the halls without public assistance. In Cologne all the more. With 13.333 Fans, the sharks had the best average outside of football. According to our case, height was "" says Walter, "from 13.333 to the current level of zero, 80 per cent of the revenue is missing". So he spoke with the policy, in order to get the promised aid money, with club owner Frank Gotthardt, the "making a tangible commitment", as Walter says, and with the players, the refrain of "up to 60 per cent" of their salaries. But because even that's not enough, he went a remarkable step further: in cooperation with coach Uwe Krupp he addressed an "appeal to all Cologne and Cologne", it need a "clear commitment of the city of Cologne for the KEC".

The idea is to have The Fans to purchase game Tickets, from Wednesday on, there is you, under the Motto #always Wigger, always more. The goal is 100,000 PCs à ten euros. Then the missing Million would be there to start the season. Otherwise? One and a half years of no professional ice hockey in Cologne, while the competition plays? To the consequences you don't want to think about it. Also not to the master Association, with its women's Teams as well as 300 children and young people.

Leon Draisaitl from Cologne youth

This Cologne youth has not only brought the current NHL Star Leon Draisaitl and perhaps in the future, Dominik Bokk, but also a former, Uwe Krupp, the first German Stanley Cup winner and now coach of the sharks. Also Krupp on with emotional Speeches, says of his time in the young and the Cologne ice hockey culture. Now that everything is out of the question, he's "very close", an "incredible Drama".

of Course this would be solved quickly: shareholder Frank Gotthardt, with Software for the health sector billionaire become. The 70-Year-old "loves football", assured the former sharks CEO Peter Schönberger now the "city Gazette", "but he does not want to lift as Koblenzer sure everything is alone". He did ten years ago. As the sharks were already in front of the Out, he took over 96 percent of the shares. Since then, they live on a large foot, which is missing at the end, compensates for gotthardt. In hockey this is not uncommon. The sharks balance in the latest annual financial statements (to 30. April 2019), found in the German Federal Gazette, liabilities of more than EUR 25 million. However, the Contaminated sites are from the time before Gotthardt, finally, it should be economically gone uphill. The ninth title in the Cologne failed yet again and again. What can to Switch quickly lead person Ellen. To all managing Directors, Manager and coach of the Gotthardt-count years, not enough for two hands.

Updated Date: 01 November 2020, 02:19

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