More COVID woes: The NBA has postponed Thursday's Nets Blazers game

NEW YORK (AP), The NBA has delayed Brooklyn's scheduled game at Portland on Thursday due to the fact that the coronavirus-afflicted Nets don't have eight of the required league players.

More COVID woes: The NBA has postponed Thursday's Nets Blazers game

Wednesday was the league's announcement. This is the eighth season-ending postponement due to virus-related reasons, and the third consecutive Nets game that has been pushed back.

It means that Brooklyn's next game could be Saturday. This is part of the NBA’s five-game Christmas slate. The Nets are scheduled to visit Los Angeles Lakers.

Brooklyn is home to 10 players who are deemed to be the league's best in safety and health protocols. This includes James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, even though he has not yet played this season.

Wednesday saw 84 players from 20 different teams enter the league protocols. This number fluctuates almost hourly. Commissioner Adam Silver stated earlier this week that the NBA does not intend to suspend the season.

The NBA reserves the right to move another Nets-Lakers game into the 8 p.m. Eastern Time slot to meet ABC's needs. The league informed the 10 teams that they have Christmas games that it is possible to shift starting times and that priority is filling ABC’s 8 p.m., 5:m. and 2:30 p.m. slot slots.

These games would be played in the following order: Boston at Milwaukee; Golden State at Phoenix; Brooklyn at Lakers.

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