Pep Guardiola Shows Concerns Over Champions League Quarter-Final Second Leg

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City’s manager, has confessed to showing concerns over the football teams after they failed to hold onto the two goal lead against opposing team, Manchester United.

Pep Guardiola Shows Concerns Over Champions League Quarter-Final Second Leg


Guardiola has recently spoken up about concerns he has towards Manchester City’s focus after the team failed to latch onto their lead of two goals against Manchester United on Saturday. His concerns revolve around how the team will function against Liverpool on Tuesday night during the quarter-final, especially with Liverpool’s 3-0 advantage. 

During the game at Etihad Stadium on Saturday, Manchester City lead strong with two goals. secured by center-back Vincent Kompany as well as midfielder Ilkay Gündogan yet failed to maintain their lead after half-time as Paul Pogba’s double assault and Chris Smallings’ goal during minute 69 secured a three-point lead and comeback for Liverpool. 

Guardiola has voiced his worries over how the team will continue to perform after their defeat and that he worries over their ability to focus on what’s ahead with the loss on their minds. He also spoke about it, saying “I thought many times about that. I’ve dropped a lot of Champions League games in the space of 10 or 15 minutes,” going on further to say: “We were playing Barcelona and after 77 minutes it was 0-0, then after 90 minutes – 3-0. This has happened many times – maybe it’s my fault. I have to think about it.” 

The League and More 

Beyond the concerns of the players and their performance on upcoming matches, fans across the world are also a concern around the world. The Championship League is among the most watched football events of the year, with countless fans tuning in to watch their favorite teams like Manchester City and United, Barcelona F.C, Liverpool and more compete towards the final. Stadiums are usually completely packed with each team’s respectful fans. 

A two goal lead turned loss certainly has its effect on players and fans alike. Discouragement could turn away fans after City failed to secure their spot as earn the title. The Championship League, as with any other sport, draws in viewers from around the world in numerous ways extending from watching on T.V. or , bet on sports online at platforms like  visiting stadiums and other venues to cheer on their favorite teams live and much more. 

Guardiola continued to speak about how by not winning, mistakes were made but that the first half of the match was a good half. He also mentioned that Manchester City had played 3 days prior and that the players physical status was lower than Manchester United. All in all, Guardiola would like to improve and better on these situations at hand.

Date Of Update: 24 May 2018, 09:33

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