The Correct Golfing Apparel

As you consider taking part in an interesting and complex gentleman’s game of golf

The Correct Golfing Apparel

As you consider taking part in an interesting and complex gentleman’s game of golf, you need to get the right form of attire to help you weather the wears and tears of the green golf course. An 18-hole game would take an average of about 4 to 5 hours under the elements such as the scorching sun or the cold rainy seasons. You will need to be dressed appropriately to enjoy a game of golf.

Correct Golfing Apparel

If you're a golfer who has just begun to place value on the quality of what you wear, you might be wondering what is considered the correct attire to wear and where you could find the right quality of golf clothing. Get your desired and quality golf clothing from Footjoy.

Here are the basic attire requirements from most private and public golf clubhouses:


Most clubs allow baseball caps but they have to be worn facing forward. At times, depending on your preference, you could be allowed to wear a golf straw hat. They are meant to protect you from the scorching sun.


Collared golf shirts are the basic shirts allowed by clubhouses. More often than not, they are short sleeved but some clubhouses may allow long-sleeved shirts with a sweater or a blazer for men. The shirts should have three buttons to the neck and long enough to be tucked into golf slacks comfortably. Women are advised to wear shirts that will not expose their waist and sometimes may be permitted to wear sleeveless shirts.


Men are required to wear slacks with the exception of shorts as long as they are sewn and not cut off at the hems. Women are permitted to wear slacks as well as skirts provided they are not 5 inches above the knee level. As some courses would allow jeans, most prefer that you don’t wear denim jeans. All pants and shorts should be accessorized with a belt.


Generally, you are required to wear golf spiked shoes. Do not wear shoes with metallic spikes as they may tend to destroy golf clubhouse grounds. They prefer that you wear plastic spiked golf shoes.

Now that you understand the kind of attire you need, get golf clothing from Footjoy and enjoy fashionable and trendy golf of the 21st century. What are you waiting for?

Date Of Update: 21 June 2018, 23:56

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