The Marches are also wrong - OA Sport


The Marches are also wrong - OA Sport

1.57: We say goodbye to the Brazilians at Sada Cruzeiro, new world champions.

1.55: Gabi Garcia and Yant are the top Civitanova scorer with 11 points, 9 for Lucarelli. At Sada Cruzeiro, Miguel Angel Lopez is the top scorer with 12 points, 9 for Wallace.

1.53: Sada Castroeiro is superior in all areas and they do not deceive Civitanova's 6 aces who were less effective than the Brazilians in attack and block.

1.52: This match has a key number 26. Lube is guilty of many mistakes in the three sets. Set given to the Brazilian team, who thanked and celebrated.

23-25 Yant fails to cross the line, and Sada Cruzeiro becomes the world champion for the fourth year.

23-24 Ace from Yant !

22-24 Yant Hands out of Zone 2

21-24 Error in Civitanova Service

21-23 Wallace error in zone 2

20-23 Aces from Garcia

19-23 Garcia to be handed out from zone 2.

18-23 At the Lopez wall

18-22 Rodriguinho error

17-22 Rodriguinho, zone 2

17-21 Vincente Lucarelli, zone 2

16-21 The Lopez Pipe

16-20 Handout of Rodriguinho, zone 4

16-19 Garcia winning

15-19 Errors in the Civitanova Service

15-18 Mano out Lucarelli, from the second line

14-18 Error in Civitanova Service

14-17 Vincente Lucarelli, second line after Balaso’s amazing reception

13-17 Muro Di Otavio in the first half an off Simon

13-16 Errors in the Civitanova Service

13-15 First Half Simon

12-15 Hand out during the first half of Isac

12-14 Errors in the Sada service

11-14 Error with the Civitanova Service

10-13: The first half of Garcia

10-12 The diagonal of Lucarelli's line starting in zone 4

9-12 Error with the Civitanova Service

8-11 Ace Lopez

8-10 Vincente Lopez from zone 4

Zone 4: Vincente Yant, 8-9

7-9 Otavio's opening half to end a long action

Sada service: 7-8 error

6-7 The Yant Line from Zone 4

5-7 Wall of Isaac at Yant

5-6 Garcia winning diagonally

Zone 2: 4-6 Wallace wins

4-5 Errors in the Civitanova Service

Sada Service: 4-4 Error

3-4 Rodriguinho's Attack, The miraculous Lube Defense fails

Pipe 3-3 Yants

2-3 Errors in the Civitanova Service

Sada service 2-2 error

1-2 Narrow Wallace Diagonal, Zone 2

1-1 Simon, First Half

Lopez 0-1 Handout

22-25 Ace from Rodriguinho is decisive in final of set and green-gold are ahead 2-0

22-24 Error in Lucarelli Service

22-23 Rodriguinho's Parallel is Out

21-23 Isac, First Half

21-22 Garca de la seconda ligera

20-22 Hand out by Rodriguinho - a missed opportunity to Lube

20-21 The parallel of Lucarelli in zone 4

19-21 Error in Civitanova's service

19-20 Error in Wallace Service

18-20 The wall at Otavio

18-19 Error in Garcia Service

18-18 Aceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Garciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

17-18 Mano out Garcia, zone 2

16-18 Isac, First Half

14-17 Vincente Garcia, zone 2

13-17 Handout of Rodriguinho, zone 2

15-16 Lucarelli's attack on the wall at one

14-16 errors in the Civitanova Service

14-15 Lucarelli's diagonal starting in zone 4

13-15 Errors in the Sada Service

12-15 Wallace's long diagonal starting from the second line

12-14 Errors in the Sada service

11-14 Rodriguinho's zone 4 attack

11-13 Ace Lopez

Zone 4: Lopez wins 11-12

11-11 Yant with no wall in zone 4

10-11 Error during the Civitanova service. There are so many errors!

Zone 4: 10-10 Yant Hand Out

9-10 Garcia error in zone 2

9-9 Garcia's attempt at raising the bagher is published

9-8 Error with the Civitanova Service

9-7 Cachopa error

8-7 Simon, First Half

7-7 Wallace's diagonal, zone 2

7-6 Wallace's hand from zone 4

7-5 Second half Simon

6-5 Wallace's parallel in the second line

6-4 Hand out starting at the second line of Garcia

5-4 Luxurious Otavio's first half

5-3 Lucarelli counter-time places the ball on ground starting in zone 4.

4.-3 Error in Civitanova Service

Sada Service: 4-2 Error

Civitanova Service: 3-2 Error

3-1 Garcia is to be handed on the high hands at the wall in zone 2.

Civitanova Service: 2-1 Error

2-0 Aceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Simooooooooooooon

Simon wins the first half 1-0

17-25 Lopez's winning attack in zone 4 is over and the contest ends with a tsunami in final the first part

17-24 Rodriguinho's error

16-24 Zaytsev's attack on the second line out

16-23 Wallace's wall at Kovar

16-22 Lopez's diagonal starting in zone 4. Break 5-0 Sada

16-21 Second line foul Zaytsev, but De Cecco made way too many mistakes

16-20 Error during attack by Lucarelli

16-19 Wall of Isac at Lucarelli

16-18 Error in Civitanova Service

16-17 Vincente Yant, zone 4.

15-17 Errors in the Civitanova Service

15-16 Zaytsev's Parallel from Zone 2

14-16 Simon service error

14-15 Errors in the Sada service

13-15 Invasion at Lucarelli

13-14 Yant's Pipe

12-14 Errors in the Civitanova Service

12-13 Muroooooooooooooooo Lucarelliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to one on Wallace

11-13 Aceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee De Ceccooooooooooooo

10-13 Aceeeeeeeeeeeeeee De Ceccooooooooooooooo

Pipe 9-13 Yants

8-13 Garcia's attack from the second line

8-12 Errors in the Civitanova Service

Sada Service: 8-11 Error

7-11 Isac, First Half

Pipe 7-10 Yants

From zone 4, 6-10 Hand Out Yant

5-10 Garcia's error in the second line

5-9 Wallace's Wall at Yant

Civitanova Service: 5-8 Error

5-7 Diagonal of Garcia, zone 2.

4-7 Errors in the Civitanova Service

4-6 Invasion at Cachopa

Sada service: 3-6 errors

2-6 Hands out of Wallace starting in the second row

2-5 errors in Civitanova service

2-4 Second half Simon

1-4 Otavio's wins in the first half

1-3 The first half Otavio

0-2 Lopez attack from zone 4

0.27: Initial formations confirmed. Cachopa and Wallace, Isac, Otavio and Rodriguinho, Isac, and Otavio with Otavio and Rodriguinho free for Sada

0.25: Sada was a strong opponent against Trento. However, they had some difficulties in the semifinal match with Funvic yesterday. The green-gold team's strength is their service.

0.22: The hosts of Sada Cruzeiro were coached this year by Filipe Ferraz. They are on the bench alongside the strong Brazilian team. This team can count on some players from the green-gold team as Wallace de Souza's opposite, Fernando 'Cachopa'Kreling, the central Isac Santes and the talented Cuban hitter Miguel Angel Lopez.

0.19: The Cuban Yant will continue to replace a battered Osmany Juantorena. Blengini, however, will be the start lineup for the rest of the new releases.

0.16: Lube Zivitanova has won the battle and is now back against Itas Trintino. This fight certainly took away some mental and physical energy from the Marche area.

0.13: We play for History at the Palasport In Betim with the Brazilians from Sada Cruzeiro, who, within their friendly borders, go hunting for a fourth world title while Lube Civitanova seeks for the second consecutive World Trophy after the first one in 2019.

0.10: Goodnight to OA Sport friends and welcome to the live stream of the men's Club World Cup Final that will see Sada Cruzeiro & Lube Civitanova in front

Schedule, program, TV, Streaming for the Civitanova–Sada Cruzeiro semifinal. - New regulations of Club World Cup Civitanova–Trento semifinal chronicle. - Funvic Taubate–Sada Cruzeiro semi chronicle

Good evening, and welcome to LIVE LIVE the men's Club World Cup final. Sada Cruzeiro is there with Lube Civitanova. It's history at Palasport in Betim. The Brazilians of Sada Cruzeiro go on a hunt for their fourth title while Lube Civitanova seeks for their second consecutive world title.

Lube Civitanova has returned from the battle to the benefits of the tie break. Itas Trentino is making a slow recovery from its losses. Ivan Zaytsev appeared in good health and could be decisive today. The Cuban Yant will continue to replace Osmany Juantorena who is still in serious condition. Blengini will be the first line-up with the most recent releases.

Filipe Ferraz, the coach of Sada Cruzeiro arrived on the bench this year as the host of Sada Cruzeiro. He can count on some players from the green-gold Brazilian national team such as Wallace de Souza, Fernando 'Cachopa'Kreling, central Isac Santos and the talented Cuban hitter Miguel Angel Lopez. While Sada was a strong opponent to Trento, they faced further difficulties in the semi-finals against Funvic yesterday. The green-gold team's strength is their service.

OA Sport provides LIVE LIVE coverage of the men's Club World Cup final. This includes news in real-time, minute by minute, trade by trade, point to point. It begins at 0.30. Have fun.

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