Washington Nationals' lineup with the New York Mets for the series finale

Alcides Escobar began last night's Flushing, Queens, NY, Citi Field game with a nine-game hit streak. The 34-year old infielder was 13-for-40 (.325 average run-gear) with three doubles, an out-by-pitch and two walks. There were eight runs scored.

Washington Nationals' lineup with the New York Mets for the series finale

After reaching base on a fielder’s choice in his first at-bat, Escobar reached base again on the third trip to the plate. He then singled with two outs in the sixth, and then singled again in the seventh. Riley Adams was moved to third base before he scored on Juan Soto's wild pitch, temporarily making Washington up 3-2.

Escobar's 3-4 game was his third consecutive multi-hitting game, and the 8th multi-hit in the last 16.

Escobar stated, via team translator Octavio Martnez, "I feel very comfortable at home plate right," after the loss.

"I hit the ball consistently well and I hope to keep it up."

Manager Davey Martinez stated that the infielder is "staying on the ball" and was proud of his recent success at the plate.

The skipper said, "He's hitting it the other way."

How do you keep it going?

Escobar stated, "Just keep working like I have done and stay focused at home plate trying not to look for a pitch to hit, and hopefully that'll continue the hit streak."

Martinez spoke earlier this weekend about something that he saw with Escobar and how it had an impact on his success at the plate.

"I talk a lot about his heads. That's the biggest thing that I notice. The manager explained that he tilted his head to hit when he first saw him.

"I talk to him a lot about getting his head up so he can keep track of the baseball better. He seemed to enjoy that, and it gives me a little more time."

Escobar stated that Escobar had always spoken to him about his head tilting. "It's something that causes you to lose focus during every at bat," Escobar explained on Saturday night. He keeps reminding me to keep my head high and I have been thinking more about it and focusing on it in every at-bat.

"He keeps reminding us in every at-bat, to keep it up. That way, my vision doesn’t move when the ball comes, and it’s definitely helped me in each at-bat."

Will Escobar increase his hit streak tonight to 11 consecutive nights, which would be the longest streak of this length since 2018.

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