Filtered new details of the Samsung Galaxy S10

The next mobile from Samsung will feature three variants in the size of the screen and a fingerprint reader for ultrasound Samsung Galaxy A8s: A screen almo

Filtered new details of the Samsung Galaxy S10

The next mobile from Samsung will feature three variants in the size of the screen and a fingerprint reader for ultrasound

Samsung Galaxy A8s: A screen almost infinite, without space for headphones

there are Also plans to develop a mobile that doubles

Despite missing several months for an official announcement of the hypothetical Samsung Galaxy S10, already know many of the details are relevant and reliable sources to get an idea of their appearance and their performance.

The design of a number of terminals from Samsung after the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 reveal as changes in the position of the camera, the colors and even the materials that the company put its next flagship; and the leaks published by Evan Blass come to corroborate all of this.

the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have three versions, I was also already pretty clear. As we published a few months ago, the company will support three screen sizes and different exclusive features as you move up the price of the device.

Three screen sizes

there Would be a Galaxy S10 Lite with a screen of 5.8 inches, a Galaxy S10 standard with 6.1-inch screen and, finally, a Galaxy S10+ that reaches to 6.4 inches. These last two, you will have the classic screen which is curved on the sides, but it seems that the Lite version would return to the flat screen in full, although of this there is still no pictures to prove it.

What it does share the three phones is a screen of the type 'Infinity-Or', if we follow the nomenclature of Samsung. This is a screen with a hole in it where would the front camera inserted, and that would cut the rest of the screen leaving a notch. In other words, it does not have the 'notch' as the iPhone.

The choice of boring so the screen is what stands out the most of your design, as it uses the same language as its two predecessors immediate: side edges non-existent because the screen folds to the sides and two top and bottom edges of minimum almost are not such a thing of so fine they seem.

The reduction, again, of these frameworks will allow the mobile to be smaller in spite of integrating larger screens. As well, the Galaxy S10 standard would have a size similar to the Galaxy S8, but with a larger screen.

In the case of the largest model, the Galaxy S10+, Samsung will incorporate two holes in the screen to accommodate, we suppose, two front-facing cameras. Do you have a great angular front, as the Pixel 3?

And speaking of cameras: it is not clear if the Galaxy S10 extended into the three chambers in the rear, as others have already done mobile of the company in the mid-range, or whether they would go beyond including four or even five. The A9 has four cameras later, so that could be also your case.

fingerprint Reader ultrasonic

Although the camera is obvious on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10, its fingerprint reader, it goes completely unnoticed. As published on Gizmodo UK, all three phones have ultrasonic sensors of fingerprints, with a function other than the optical readers that have come on the market recently.

On paper, these sensors should be more precise and reliable, but this is yet to be seen. The operation of the readers of fingerprints under screen time leaves much to be desired: they are slower and not so precise.

it is Not clear if this will be the only way to unlock the phone using biometrics, that is, using a part of the body as a reference. The Galaxy Note and Galaxy S have been integrated since two generations ago, readers of iris, but it is not known if estsa technology will be present in the S10 or will be replaced by a more advanced form of facial recognition.

Another interesting feature is the possibility of charging other phones using a S10 as a battery. This feature is called 'Powershare' and it seems similar to the one that integrates already the Huawei Mate 20 Pro released last November.

release Date

there is Not a clear day for the launch of the new Galaxy S10, or even for their presentation, but it seems that will not take place during the Mobile World Congress, but at an earlier date.

Although traditionally, Samsung has taken the opportunity to show off their new phones and 'hijack' the attention of the public, as with the Galaxy S8 decided to announce the device on another date and it seems that you are the S10 could the same thing happen if the rumors are true.

In terms of pricing, a bit of the same thing: it is not clear. There are No final figures, but estimates of how much it would be each device. The S10 Lite would be the cheapest, at around 699 euros, while the S10 standard to rise up to the 849 euros and the S10+ would come up to 949 euros.

These prices are due to the configurations with less internal storage space. The minimum of the three devices would be 128 GB, but the figure could reach up to 1TB in the case of the Galaxy S10+, a quota that exceeds the 512GB internal of the Galaxy Note 9 which is already on the market.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 19 December 2018, 20:01

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