Pablo Alborán: "Peté in full concert and I told my manager: 'take Me home'"

PABLO ALBORÁN. Malaga, 1989. Singer-songwriter. His album Promise, which now fetches in the format of a luxury, was the most sold in Spain in 2017. There was on

Pablo Alborán:

PABLO ALBORÁN. Malaga, 1989. Singer-songwriter. His album Promise, which now fetches in the format of a luxury, was the most sold in Spain in 2017. There was one more album, but his return after a two-year break to clarify his relationship with fame and regain control of your life. What has been achieved: it is difficult to interview an artist more relaxed. Aftermath of the crisis, continues to his own: to sell records and fill concerts. The Friday that comes, the Palau Sant Jordi of Barcelona.

Question.- 'I promise' was the best selling album in Spain in 2017 and now reeditas... Is abusing a little, does not it?

Answer.- It is a special edition that adds many things to the original album: an acoustic, live, collaborations, documentary, in audio and DVD... The life of a disk is a last long. The songs don't end when they are released, are endless. With the live I can retouch, enhance or mangle many times as you want. I very much enjoyed having the opportunity to make music and the privilege of someone to invest your money to enable me to make an expensive product like this. Me to go well, allow me to these things.

P. - These reissues, what are art or business? Why the artist likes this fiddle permanent to your work? With the Beatles it has been 50 years and is still here...

A. - it Is interesting this. The other day I was watching Paul McCartney in the Carpool Karaoke James Corden and did a tour of all the places where he lived, the first bareto where he played... And I was struck by the mixture of absolute between the old and the new that we saw throughout the video, both in the public as in the songs. In that sense, the artist is thrilled that his songs are repeat and reposicionen. And the company also. That retouch is already more debatable, but you have to take on the world in which we live and today we all hear music in the mobile. It is a pity, because the sound quality suffers, but even so we do it. And it is normal to remastericen classic thinking in those formats, although there are songs that the less you touch the better.

Q - What happens to You that you have a disc and not get it, listen to it on Spotify, even knowing that it sounds worse?

A. - Yes. I now use vinyl and Spotify, which is already very rare is that place a CD. My father was always very vinyl, my first record was one... of The Lion King.

Q. - aren't you exhausted having to like everyone all the time? Always impeccable, polite...

A.- (Laughter) - What, From the outside see me as well? I don't know. I think that there will be people who don't like, musically and personally. In any case I don't notice that pressure, I would cut the veins. Although it is true that I have always gotten pressure I just. Child I always wanted to make my family proud of me by the notes of the college. Then I started to give piano concerts at the age of 9, and, as there were parts of others, I also hung upon with not estropearlas. And when you publish your disc, because you want to sell it, obviously. Let's not kid ourselves: you want to be number 1. And that is fine as long as you when not you are to understand, or you do understand, that nothing happens, that being number 1 is great, but we're not here for that.

Q - Does it Cost much in the artistic panorama of this country to recognize that to earn money is a fundamental part of the equation?

A. - Has a lot to do with the importance given to money in your home and what type of win you teach it to chase. My father is an architect and has been presented to millions of competitions, has lost some and gained others. Has lived through very good and very bad, both in terms of creative freedom as to the amount of work. I am in my house I have had the luck of seeing a father that has not stopped working or a Sunday, that there is nothing that will brake because you are passionate about. I think that I carry it in the genes. But having that pure passion does not mean that you do not give value to the money and success: these are important, but they are not the goal.

Q. - Do Not you called the architecture?

A. - No, I discovered late. I saw work from both my father and repudié. With time I began to appreciate it in all its variants, from the décor to the industrial design, and discovered a fabulous world. But when I was small I wanted to devote myself to music.

Q. - In fact, you made the round of contests... and you did well.

A. - was Not well, no. I introduced myself to one of groups of The Top 40 and, of course, I made up that it was a group, but saw a guy just there... and I lost. Then I did other composers... and I lost. I was also one of malagueñas and verdiales that I, being from malaga, he had not performed one in my life... and I lost. But each of those defeats, I learned something. Ultimately my idea was that these negative responses give me a shoot. And so it was. Less bad that I was not given any award because I had been there.

Q: In a way, desenmascaraste to the system. Have failed by the conventional approach and you were the first to arrive at the massive success in Spain via the internet.

R. - If no one gets you closer to the public, you have to go alone to look for him. When you feel within you a passion as well, you don't give a fuck everything else. I miss MySpace, which is where I started before YouTube. I climbed my models without even record them and you put them on, to discuss them with a musician in Switzerland and another in Australia. It was very naive and very beautiful, not the now that we all understand what that involves the internet. There I realized for the first time that there was a positive reaction to my music outside of my family and friends. In terms of the industry... Look, I'm going to have one thing to say that the same is a little shit, and I don't nominate because most of anything, but I'm against the competition in the music and, therefore, of the awards. I understand that there are and appreciate it in the soul that I give, but the only award that counts is that the public buys your album and your input and give you one more year of life in the music.

Q - When did you start to upload your songs to the internet, what you lost, have a professional career?

I got tired of passing on a perfectly exaggerated, I needed to stop being the son-in-law of Spain

A. - Not lost, but difficult. Even though I was giving concerts, he was studying. First Advertising and then Philosophy. The music covered my part-playful, but my head was in the study. Everyone asks me what advice would you give to people who are just starting out, as if I were here a scholar, and the only thing I can say is that if you really clear to you do not need anyone to get you to remember or to push you, to give like the sweeps and what it takes, find a way and not pairs. Although I know that I had a lot of luck, that does not always get to the goal.

Q. - What Did you think of the first time I looked in the playcount of your song and there were thousands?

A. - I perfectly Remember the momee a and I still get excited every. I lived with my family in Malaga. I hit a pot and I called all over the world. My mother, my brother, my sister... I Began to scream and tell you that it seemed that that wasn't normal, but the truth is that we had no idea how it worked, that is, how many reproductions were truly many. So they were glad to see me happy, but also gave a lot of importance. After, I had a birthday with my friends and re together in the car put the song on the radio. I flip and I hit it to a halt, but they did not believed that it was the radio and not that I took to wearing a mock-up. In general, the valoré the least of which was. I enjoyed, eh, but knowing now what I would have enjoyed three more times.

P. - hence, direct to the success and the fame. And, all of a sudden, in 2015 for two years. You disappear almost. Why?

A. - Because peté. Well, actually I did not get to petar, I was at the gates. The frenetic pace did not allow me to assimilate things well. Had since 2010 without a day off. Literally. Only a week at Christmas. And in a performance that started to bother me and agobiarme things that I had to affect. The concert had not sold well and I'm not especially aware of whether we have fill or not, chanting the same thing for 100 to 100,000, but suddenly one day it all made me a world. I gave a half turn, I got out, I grabbed my manager and told him: "take Me home".

P. - The prototypical drop that fills the glass.

R. - Exact. Had already spent a time in which I was very hard being away from my family, I realized that I was missing many things in life, my age and the fatigue had me under a black cloud permanently. Everything was a problem. So I stopped. I went home, I disconnected, I got back my normal life. I began again to read, to study, to hang out with my friends, go party, travel... did Not say no to anything. I regained my youth. An age in which the mola slap you a party. Not already is that a mole, is that it is necessary.

Q: and What were You able to achieve that normalcy being so famous? Do not you came out friends of all parties, as with the donettes?

A. - Yes, but I didn't care, because at that time needed to get to know new people, return to trusting, return to have a good time. Before affected me so much if they saw me with a drink or a cigar, I had to convey a perfectly exaggerated, and I was tired. In part I stopped because I needed to break that image of the son-in-law of Spain. I go out in the centre of Madrid and if I want to drink a glass to the view of anyone, I drink. I started to live. I just wanted to do the same thing to my friends. As easy as that. I was asked to go to Merida to see some colleagues and I said yes, but I started to overwhelm you. First, that if in the train I was going to know, as well as in a car. Then if in the hotel or in the bars... And do you know what happened? Nothing happened. We overestimated our own fame, we do not import both.

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