How will Mourinho to Real Madrid?

Mourinho wins integers as an option for the future Madrid after being sacked by the United The Manchester United fires manager Jose Mourinho Marcelo: "

How will Mourinho to Real Madrid?

Mourinho wins integers as an option for the future Madrid after being sacked by the United

The Manchester United fires manager Jose Mourinho

Marcelo: "Mourinho is a great coach,"

Mourinho, the forbidden dream of Florentino

When Manchester United announced the dismissal of José Mourinho, the New York Stock exchange, which listed the English club, still remained closed. As opened, the reaction was immediate: the stock climbed more than 4%, a trend that has remained more or less stable throughout the day. The capital reacted with euphoria to the dismissal of the Mou, as did the fans of Manchester United, jaded from a long time ago by the methods and results of the team, sixth in the Premier League to 11 points of Chelsea, which marks the border for the Champions league, and 19 points behind the leader Liverpool, against which fell on the Sunday by 3-1. The defeat put the lace to the degradation of the project of Mourinho in Old Trafford, wounded to death since the summer.

Have been two and a half years of pure mourinhismo. Competitiveness extreme in the beginning, martial discipline as a doctrine, and, finally, devastation, emotional and institutional. Mourinho left Old Trafford after a huge investment on unsuccessful signings-more than 450 million euros in three years - and openly clashed with the world: with the club's officers, with the captains -starting with Pogba - and with the press. A schema is a recurrent theme in the career of the Portuguese, very similar to the one that lived in the Real Madrid. With the difference that in Chamartín held a League and was always among the four best in Europe after several years of ridiculous continental. Although the big prize, the Champions league, he might be elusive.

And although, after their march arrived at the cabinets white four European Cups in five years, in a part of the hobby, white remains the nostalgia of his iron hand and his extreme and hyperbolic way of defending the interests of Real Madrid. If the New York Stock market reacted with enthusiasm to his dismissal, so did that part of the madridismo that you see in The Special One the band-aid needed to close the crisis open with the shock of Zidane.

" are you Going to back Jose Mourinho to Real Madrid? It is impossible to know right now. The reality is that in the policy white there is some debate over his figure, from those who don't want to see or paint up to those who would bring her back now. In the locker room, the idea directly frightens. No longer are Boxes nor a Christian, but remains part of the hard core to which the Portuguese faced head-on, with captain Sergio Ramos in the head. Although, well known it is, the likes of shed never have been the impediment to that Florentino Perez take the decisions we believe are right. In any case, it does not appear that a hypothetical return of Mourinho to the Bernabeu is likely to occur before the end of the season. And if you do well -that is to say, with another League or another Champions league-, there would be no need to deal with a new relay on the bench.

But perhaps the most important question is another: what I would like him to return to Real Madrid? And there also arise doubts. The Portuguese left the club white in 2013 with distaste of all that surrounded him. Reneging of the club, lamenting his unhappiness in Spain and glancing pests of the media environment and social. Nothing, on the other hand, that prevents his name to go to fly over to Madrid for the remainder of the season.

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Date Of Update: 20 December 2018, 20:01

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