The next Samsung Galaxy will bow

The company announced at its annual conference of developers, the screen technology that they will use their first flip phones The phones that are folded al

The next Samsung Galaxy will bow

The company announced at its annual conference of developers, the screen technology that they will use their first flip phones

The phones that are folded already (almost) are here.

The next phones from Samsung will bend. But no, this is not a new 'bendgate' as the one that affected the iPhone in 2014. Will be designed from scratch to be able to extend and provide greater display surface of which it is possible to obtain in a conventional smartphone.

Samsung will be able to manufacture this type of phones thanks to a new display technology dubbed as Infinity Flex Display and it allows to bend the screen as sis and were a sheet of paper.

The company showed on the stage of the Moscone convention center, the city of San Francisco, the first prototype of the phone built with this screen. It is a device with a conventional display of about 5 inches of size in the front but that opens up like a book to display a touchscreen of 7.3 inches on the inside.

This screen allows to display up to 3 applications simultaneously and recodará what app was using the user on the small screen to expand it to display the large.

Samsung will begin to manufacture these new panels in large quantities in the next few months, which means that the first flip phones of the company could arrive in the first quarter of 2019, when the company traditionally renews its range of Galaxy S.

The Korean company, in any case, will not be able to boast of being the first company to launch a flip phone. A Startup american, Royole, showed last week FlexPai, a tablet 7.8-inch, that you can fold in half and be used as a phone. It is somewhat bulky and certainly not comfortable as an alternative to the current smartphone, but the technology is similar to the one that will be used by Samsung in their next phone. Royole will sell the device starting in the month of December at a price, which starts at 1.150 euros in its most basic configuration.

Several competitors, such as Lenovo or Huawei have also shown prototypes of phones with flip-down screen, but does not have concrete plans for commercialization of these devices.

Both Samsung as Royole will count with the help of Google to bring support for flexible screens to its devices. Android will support natively this type of devices with flexible screens.

Galaxy Home

The company has also taken advantage of the inaugural conference of the exhibition to display the speaker smart Galaxy Home, a rival for models Echo, Home and HomePod from Amazon, Google and Apple respectively. As in the case of their rivals, the speaker can be controlled with your voice and you will have access to several third-party applications, like Spotify.

Samsung has also introduced a development kit applications to Bixby (the name of your virtual assistant) that will allow developers of applications to anchor several functions to this new speaker, but also to the phones of the company.

The Korean company will also add advanced functions of voice control to its line of smart tvs, allowing the voice of the user to not only change the channel or volume up and down (something that already allow any of the models) but also control third-party apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The channels of traditional television and creators of video content may be high also, from now on TV+, a directory of online channels accessible all over the world from the screens of the company.

design Change

from next year, Samsung also presumed of a new graphical user interface. The Galaxy phones will change icons, and menus to adapt to a new style of design baptized as OneUI, that are dominated by the rounded edges and textures flat.

According to the company, the redesign is due to features of ergonomics, and allow to handle more easily the phones with only one hand, or to find the most commonly used settings within the settings menu. The new interface also will be able to adapt to the color of the terminal and will be available in the latest phone models of the company. The users of the united States, South Korea and Germany will be able to install a beta version of the new interface this month of November.

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Date Of Update: 20 November 2018, 08:01

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