How to develop your own fitness app: top features

Most of us can hardly imagine our lives without sports and health-related activities.

How to develop your own fitness app: top features

Most of us can hardly imagine our lives without sports and health-related activities. Healthy lifestyle has transformed from a mere trend into the only way to take care of your body and mind. The high interest in fitness routines caused the rise of the fitness app development. Thanks to this we have a wide number of fitness mobile apps to train ourselves, monitor our health state, control calorie intake, track progress, etc.   

In general all fitness apps fall into three categories: activity trackers, nutrition tracker and personal trainer apps. 

The first category of fitness app addresses to the needs of those who would like to stay fit and track their fitness journey. Activity apps contain many useful features from simple steps counting to creating individual workout plans based on the users’ usual activity. 

Nutrition trackers help users to maintain a healthy diet, count calories and receive useful tips on healthy meals based on the users’ initial weight and the result they want to achieve. 

The third category works like personal trainers allowing users to set their custom workout routines. Such apps provide online tutorials, prerecorded programs and step-by-step instructions. These apps will be perfect for those people who don’t have time to attend a gym on a regular basis, or don’t like to workout with others.  

What features you should include into your fitness app 

If you still haven’t decided what features to include into your app or you want to add a few fresh features into your current fitness app, take a look at the following features that are trending right now. Implementing some of them will surely increase your app’s chances among other apps. 

  1. Consider adding in-ear instructions into your fitness app. This is a very handy feature for people who train regularly. With voice commands the user doesn't have to constantly look at the screen to follow the exercises, but just listen to the instructions and perform them right away. In-ear instructions imitate the presence of a trainer right beside you. It motivates and helps to accomplish the desired results.
  2. Fitness app that offers users the ability to create their own workout playlist will definitely find its target audience. Music helps in many ways to go through hard exercises and not to give up halfway.
  3. Allow your users to track their progress not only on a daily basis, but also see their charts and statistics over weeks and months. There are only a few fitness apps that have this option. That’s why this is a great feature to add in order to win over the competitors.
  4. GPS integration will let your users set their usual jogging or riding routes and see how many kilometers they cover everyday. Heat maps is another fancy feature that shows the speed user ran or rode at a certain part of the route. A great example of an app that includes such feature is Strava.
  5. Attract users of different cultural background and nationality by adding an automatic convertor for units of measurement and recipes of multi-cuisine dishes.

Date Of Update: 26 July 2019, 18:23

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