Top 7 React Facts for Beginners

Are you someone who wants to develop web pages and web-based applications using React JS? If so, then this is the perfect article for you.

Top 7 React Facts for Beginners

Are you someone who wants to develop web pages and web-based applications using React JS? If so, then this is the perfect article for you. 

Before we begin, here is a brief introduction to React JS: 

React is an open-source Javascript library that is used to create single web pages or mobile applications. React can be run on cross-platform environments such as Node JS. It has easy to read code and is written mainly using Javascript. Due to the popularity and ease of learning the language, React has exponentially gained in popularity since its debut on Instagram in 2013. It is currently maintained by Facebook and other independent entities.

Get a head start in your career by learning a new skill that is in-demand. If you are interested in a field where you can develop amazing user interfaces and dynamic applications for the internet, this is how you can learn: 

Make use of effective React training and hone your skills to make you the best user interface developer there is. You can also opt for a specially designed React course.  

If you are a developer with a passion for making dynamic applications and gripping interfaces or is someone who is starting out with React JS, these are the right options for you. 

Without further ado, we present to you, the top 7 things every beginner needs to know before they start coding using React: 

1. You need Node JS to run React

In order to run a React program, you first need to have a framework such as Node JS installed on your system. Node JS is an open-source environment that can be used to run JavaScript programs and is preferred while using React. 

2. Front end Code with JavaScript XML: 

React JS also uses Javascript XML also called JSX to write code for front end programming components. While other libraries and frameworks may use HTML, CSS or PHP, React uses a simpler cross-platform JSX. It is not mandatory to use JSX with React, but it is often preferred as it helps to make code easier to read to an external user.  

3. React JS is not a Framework

There is often some confusion about the fact what React Js truly is. We present to you the true fact: React JS is a library and not a framework. Angular JS is a good example of a framework, while JQuery is a library. 

4. React uses a Virtual DOM

React JS isn’t your regular run of the mill platform that uses a slow updating Document Object Model. React JS uses something called a virtual DOM instead. What is so cool about it is the fact that it takes very little time to retrieve and process data, thereby making applications run smoothly and at a commendable pace. 

5. You can build Isomorphic applications or use Prerendering

By using Isomorphic React, developers can optimize web pages according to search engine requirements. Using this feature allows the creation of SEO friendly websites that attract millions of users. 

You can also use a prerender your applications so that web browsers which do not usually crawl web pages with code in Javascript can still correctly locate your page. We can use services like Prerender to make any web page be returned in HTML format after it gets loaded. By prerendering, we can thus make the code compatible with any browser. 

6. The dream toolset for Developers: 

The React library comes well equipped with an excellent set of design and debugging tools. It also contains several reusable components that make the coding process more effective. Tools such as React Sight for visualization, React Studio for creating simple applications, Redux for changing state, Enzyme for testing Application Programming Interfaces and many others are invaluable for developers. 

7. An ever-evolving global React JS community

Thousands of elite coders, as well as beginners, thrive on an extensive global community of React users. These developers around the world continue to contribute to the growth of React JS by incorporating new features. It is all open source, and anyone with an interest and desire to learn can use these resources freely. 

Did you know most of these facts? Congratulations, you have progressed to the next level. Increase your skill-set by doing a professional course. Read on to find out how you can. However, if you didn’t know and you learned something new, are you intrigued by the prospects React can offer?  

If you are, then why not make an effort to learn React starting today. 

Date Of Update: 31 July 2019, 13:03

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