What to do if You’re Injured Outside of Your Home

Accidents happen, we get it. Sometimes, they can’t be prevented

What to do if You’re Injured Outside of Your Home
Accidents happen, we get it. Sometimes, they can’t be prevented. But sometimes, they can. It’s important to understand your rights, and who might be liable if you’re injured somewhere besides your home.

When Shopping Goes Bad

Sometimes it’s as mundane as slipping on a wet floor. Sometimes, a massage chair tries to strangle you. Hazards can be present no matter where we shop, from the grocery store to the mall. Businesses have a responsibility to negate hazards and provide a safe shopping experience for their customers.

If you’ve had a run-in with a wobbly shelf or slippery floor, you should seek any required medical aid. Then, you should report your injury to the store. If you were harmed significantly, they could be responsible for your medical costs and more. Informing the store how you were injured also helps prevent it from happening to other customers.

Not Just Bumps and Bruises

Testing out cosmetics and skincare is a helpful step in the shopping process. But beware: the testers available at many cosmetic counters and stores can spread disease. Eye products that come in contact with an infected person can harbor pink eye. And even more concerning, a woman from Canada contracted herpes in her mouth after testing lip products.

There are true risks involved when hundreds or even thousands of people share cosmetics. But do these stores do their duty in informing customers of that risk? What about sanitation methods?

It’s a stressful situation for anyone who has been injured from using tester products. As observed and researched by the Law Offices of Gerald F. Connor, having a professional handle the legal component, and answer your questions, can eliminate that stress and anxiety. It can be difficult or impossible to hold the liable party accountable without legal counsel in your corner.

What About Workplace Injuries?

Your place of employment could be liable if your injury occurred on the job. If your claim is successful, you could receive compensation for medical bills, recover wages, and be entitled to disability payments.

Even if your injury isn’t visible, you can still collect compensation. Attorney Gerald Connor was able to secure compensation for a nurse who suffered PTSD after being attacked by a patient.

Often, a personal injury attorney can help take the guesswork out of the claims process. It is important to inform your employer if you are treated for any injury that occurred at work, as well as file all the necessary paperwork to start your claim.

Date Of Update: 06 August 2019, 04:59

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