Perhaps, the most important feature in a kitchen is the cabinetry. When done right, it will stand out and define the feature as well as beautify the room.


Perhaps, the most important feature in a kitchen is the cabinetry. When done right, it will stand out and define the feature as well as beautify the room.

When designing your kitchen, it is often difficult to choose the cabinet style that perfectly suits your taste as well as aesthetical preferences.

There are various needs to consider when selecting cabinets for your kitchen and it may seem overwhelming when thinking about the one that would be spacious, cost-effective, elegant, and stylish enough, giving your kitchen a perfect view.

Don’t panic if you don’t even know where to begin. You are not alone; we will walk you through the basics. The tips below are from a professional interior designer and they’ll be good enough to help you set up your kitchen cabinets in Mississauga nicely.

Here are the necessary basic things to know about kitchen cabinets.


Types of Cabinets

There are four main types of cabinets, classified based on their positioning in the kitchen. There are the base cabinets (below the kitchen counter), tall cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, and specialty unit cabinets (such as hutches, bottle racks, or corner cabinets).

The first thing to decide is which of the types above do you want in your kitchen. You could pick some or all.

However, kitchen cabinets also come in various quality grades and you need to determine which one you want. Keep the budget in mind when making this decision.

With construction quality being the basis for the categorization, here are the cabinet grades you can get:


1.    Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets (RTA): You can purchase this kind of cabinet at big retail stores such as Ikea. These cabinets are the least expensive but with very low durability. To install RTA cabinets, you need to contact skilled professional for help.


2.    Stock Cabinets: Manufacturers supply this directly to their customers. However, there’s minimal flexibility as they only come in certain sizes. The silver lining is that they are not expensive and are more durable than RTA. There are various designs of stock cabinets based on the material they are made with.



3.    Semi-Custom Cabinets: They have a moderate price. Some are stock cabinets with shelving and custom doors while others are customer-specified units ordered from the manufacturer. There are various options to select from, including material type and size.


4.   Custom Cabinets: These are regarded as the top class on the list. You have complete flexibility and control over your cabinet design. Custom cabinets are made-to-order, giving you the ability to preside over decisions such as hardware, style, construction, size, and materials.



Cabinet Construction Options

Cabinet construction is of two types – Framed and Frameless cabinets.

Framed cabinets come with a cabinet box that’s connected to the door from the outside. This gives the cabinet additional durability and strength.

They are called “framed cabinets” because of the stiles and rails at the front that form a small face frame. This construction type will give you a more flexible cabinet door type option such as standard doors, inset doors, or full overlay doors.

Meanwhile, frameless cabinet construction is traditionally a European style that has begun to gain widespread popularity in American homes as well. Frameless design has no face frame and gives you more access to theThe frameless. For stability, the design uses a denser box construction method.

Frameless construction design gives your kitchen a stylish, modern look.

The door hinges are installed to the side of the box. Also, the frameless construction only uses full overlay doors.


Cabinet Doors and Drawers

It is advisable to choose cabinets with many base drawers. This will help you make the best of the space as you’ll be able to easily access your foodstuffs, dishes, and tools.

If you can opt for deep drawers and then you can store in them your cooking utensils such as dishes, pans, and pots.

If you fancy the look of doors, choose a cabinet with a pullout shelving system.


Open Shelving

It is advisable to choose a kitchen cabinet with exposed shelving. With it, you can keep your kitchen organized and make it convenient to access the items in your cabinet compartments.

Coupled with well-positioned ambient kitchen lighting, open shelving will make your kitchen look more spacious and bigger.

The rails and stiles attached to framed cabinet boxes take up space; meanwhile, the frameless open shelving maximizes accessible storage.

Also, when upgrading your kitchen, exposed shelves pose a minimal problem as they are much less cheap than the complete cabinet system.

Additionally, you can add a display area in your kitchen for your favorite cookbook, vases, and cookware by combining traditional cabinets with open shelving.

Rather than stuffing up all the space in your kitchen, minimalize by using some open shelves.

Updated Date: 14 August 2019, 16:28

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