Red meat for people with diabetes – Know the finer aspects

If you have heard people saying that red meat is not suitable for health

Red meat for people with diabetes – Know the finer aspects
If you have heard people saying that red meat is not suitable for health, which to some extent is true, first make an effort to find out whether the meat he is talking about is "uncooked," "processed," "unprocessed," and "properly cooked." That is because if red meat, regardless of whether it is ground or cut into slices or pieces is adequately cooked, it is safe and also healthy for consumption. So, how you cook red meat speaks a lot about its edible and suitable nature.

In this article, let us find out how red meat consumption is related to a person who has diabetes.

Processed meat and diabetes

Meat and fish products contain a high level of Omega-fatty acids. It is responsible for a healthy heart and also maintains other parameters related to your overall well-being.

If you eat red meat that is unprocessed and from a healthy source like Laura's lean ground beef, you can be sure of eating healthy. Processed meat, it has been seen to spoil the balance between the vital omega-6 and omega-3 ratio.

If the lean red meat that you are eating has the right balance of both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, it can optimize your health. It can also curb the risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, depression, cancer, and disorders related to thyroid and Alzheimer's disease.

Insulin sensitivity and processed meats

If your gut health is alright, you feel way better in every way. The gut as we know is made up of good and bad bacteria, the balance of which goes haywire once you start consuming processed meat.

The same is the state even when you take certain antibiotics, which puts off the delicate balance between them. You will find that there are many packaged processed meats that when mixes with gut bacteria facilitate easy entry of toxins in the bloodstream.

Nitrates in processed meat and role in glucose tolerance

Nitrates play an essential role. Nitrates are present in processed meat, which is approximately 50% more as compared to what you will find in unprocessed meat. And the presence of nitrates adversely affects the release of insulin according to experts.

If less amount of insulin gets released in the bloodstream, it leads to a reduction in glucose tolerance and consequently, the risk of diabetes increases.

As such, if you are consuming lean ground beef or meat from a reliable source, it can serve as a significant health booster. It will provide you with all the essential nutrients you require for your body and all-rounded development, not just for yourself but also your child.

Consuming even a small portion of processed meat, maybe just 2-3 slices of hot dog or salami can increase your risk of diabetes by two-folds.

In a nutshell, we can conclude that consuming adequately cooked meat, whether grounded or cut into small pieces can be a healthy food option. It will help you to maintain a balanced diet regime along with a regular exercise schedule.

Date Of Update: 02 August 2019, 03:30

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