How to get your dear one out of prison quickly?

Your beloved can panic on getting arrested for a crime, which he or she might not have even committed

How to get your dear one out of prison quickly?
Your beloved can panic on getting arrested for a crime, which he or she might not have even committed. But the police will not listen to the plea if they have reasonable doubt against the accused. The situation can worsen the longer the person stays in custody. For the accused's well-being, you need to bail him or her out of jail as soon as possible. Sometimes, bail amounts can be too high to afford. In that case, a bond dealer can be the real savior. If you want to avail the fast bail service, then make sure to keep a few things in mind, as suggested below.

Get in touch with a bail bonds company

The legal processes tend to be complicated by nature. Also, the bond amount may be higher for you to pay. So, the best way to avoid all the inconvenience is that you call up a reputable bail bonds agent in your city to speed up the procedure. The agent, with his years of experience and technical know-how of the matter, can perform the formalities with ease and detect a loophole if there be. Just remember that relatives and friends may not prove to be as effective as the bonds dealers here. The chances are they will also bring someone from this field only for help. So, cut down on the unnecessary step.

Fetch all the crucial information

You have to know the kind of criminal charges levied on your beloved. Knowing where he or she is, who arrested the person, etc., can help you expedite the legal process. Also, you need to inquire about the bail schedule that you have to pay for the release. If you think you can pay the total amount, go ahead and do the formalities. Otherwise, involve the bonds agent.

Learn about the rights of the person in jail

When the officials take an accused to the custody, the person can apply for bail and go back after spending a day in court. Only under a few circumstances, a person may not be eligible for a bond. It can include acute felony charges that show that releasing a particular individual can be a threat to society and its people. Otherwise, one can post bail and walk out. Another thing is that your bail amount cannot be excruciating. Every jurisdiction follows a bail schedule for different crimes, and you should ask about the options so that your dear one does not have to wait for the bail for longer.

 Don’t congest the police station with too many people

To make sure your bonds agent performs his duties hassle-free and faster, keep other family members and friends away from the jail. Ask them to wait at home only so that you can take the concerned person home once the process is over.

A bail bonds company acts as a guarantor for the defendant. Hence, you can trust the agent with his knowledge and job. However, you need to ensure that whoever you choose has a license and relevant experience in the industry.

Date Of Update: 02 August 2019, 03:29

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