Internet and technology changed the world forever

If you think about it, in about 50-70 years, there will be no more people who remember the times before the internet.

Internet and technology changed the world forever

If you think about it, in about 50-70 years, there will be no more people who remember the times before the internet. This era of technology and information grows with the speed of light, bringing us discoveries with every passing year. The internet has become a necessity, a part of our existence, revolutionizing communication, information, and technology. Almost everything we do has a connection with the internet, whether you are talking to someone, watching a movie, learning, or merely reading a book. Internet and technology changed the world in such a way that it's literally impossible to do your day to day tasks without them.

I am sure that reading a history book about how the internet and technology came to be what they are today would not be that much fun. Instead, let's look at some interesting facts about this fantastic topic. Furthermore, we can peek into the future to find out in which direction is technology evolving. Movies like Terminator and Matrix may seem like science fiction, but each day we make a step towards new scientific discoveries.

Internet and technology changed our world in many ways, some great, some very dangerous

How internet and technology changed the world?

To be able to understand this question, we only need to look at our lives. You can do an exciting challenge. Take note each time you do something that requires an internet connection or use any technology in any way. At the end of the day, try to look objectively at what would you do if there was no internet. For starters, I wouldn't be able to write this post for you to read it. With that in mind, here are the essential parts of our lives that are forever changed with the existence of the internet and technology:

  • social media and communications
  • health care and medicine
  • privacy and security
  • research and learning
  • business opportunities
  • traveling
  • dating
  • entertainment

It is silly to try and name all the ways in which the internet and technology changed the world. Nevertheless, the list above is my view on some of the most essential aspects of our lives today.

Social media and communications

The internet forever changed the way we interact with other people. For example, I remember times when there were no cellphones. If I wanted to hang out with a school friend, I had to show up under his window and yell his name until he heard me. Today, with only a few clicks I can arrange any type of formal or a business gathering. Personally, I don't like that we use technology this much. Once you lose the human aspect of our lives, you start wondering what have we become. However, ask yourself, did we evolve as humans in a way that we are required to use the internet? Imagine how strangely would you look at a person who doesn't know what the internet is, or how to use it.

Social media is slowly controlling out lives, we should be very careful when using it

Not only we can easily talk to each other, but the sole existence of social media created an opportunity to share the experience and parts of our lives with others across the globe. Nevertheless, as much as social media offers this amazing opportunity to bond with others, it has become too much involved in our lives. Not only that, but social media can be very dangerous. You have to find time to take a break from it. Do not let it consume you.

Health care and medicine

One of the most important ways in which the internet and technology changed the world is medicine. If it was not for the internet and technology in health care, many of us would be long gone. Discovery of medications saved many lives, prolonging our lifespan while helping fight diseases. Every hospital in the world uses technology to save lives daily.

A simple power outage could have disastrous consequences, if not dealt with in the appropriate timeframe.

Privacy and security

The biggest danger of our time is the complete loss of privacy and security, all because of the existence of the internet. Our lives are offered to everyone, willingly or not. Just think about how many privacy-related scandals happened in the past decade.

Frauds have a new meaning today. With the existence of technology, internet hackers use their knowledge and skills to crash down markets, invade our privacy, or commit criminal acts. This is the true danger of our time. It became so easy to look into other peoples lives without their knowledge. You have to learn how to protect yourself out there. If you are not careful, you will find out that the internet can be a scary and dangerous place. Nevertheless, this tech era brings many beneficial and wondrous things.

With the use of internet and technology, our privacy is out for the taking

Research and learning

Today, you can learn anything. If we can name one way in which the internet and technology changed the world, this is the ability to get ahold of information and learn at an astonishing pace. Whether it's foreign languages, literature, math or any social science, you can google any topic you want, and find everything about it.

Business opportunity

Once we enrich our lives with new information, our chances to find a well-payed job grow. Every business company has spread over the internet. Marketing and commercials rule today's world, and this is the number one place to advertise your business. Creating customized websites for your business is a piece of cake, and in a matter of days, you can have your space on the internet, to promote yourself and make connections.


We all like to travel! It is one of the best experiences today. An opportunity to visit another country, expose yourself to new cultures and diverse people and technology made it possible! Traveling and moving companies are blooming! However, competition is fierce. Nevertheless, with search engine optimization services for moving industry, you can put yourself on the map in front of your competitors.


This is where the internet and technology changed the world the most. Dating has a completely different meaning today. With dating apps and online relationships, this modern era is definitely going forward. Still, we have tobe careful not to lose real values here. It became much more easy to meet others, especially for people who work all the time and have no time to go out. Still, once you meet the one you want, don't be that couple who sits in the restaurant and instead of talking to each other spends the time browsing the internet!

Dating today has a whole other meaning, dating apps are number one place for meeting people

Entertainment industry

Games, movies, virtual and augmented reality, should I say more? Entertainment industry massively changed over the course of 50 years, and it has yet to change greatly. With the progress of the internet and technology, new things come up every day. Still, with so many new options, everything is going out of style pretty quickly. It is getting harder and harder to keep up with innovations. I really dislike that I spent a lot of money on my computer configuration, only to know that in 5 years it will have to be replaced with something new.

Welcome to the future

What we before thought future is will soon become the past. Internet and technology changed the world, but the change is not finished. We are progressing into this science fiction of our time with gigantic steps. With so many amazing and beneficial availabilities, it is easy to lose ourselves and some of the true values. Try watching Black Mirror if it's not already on your seen list. It is the perfect example of what we need to avoid if we are to continue existing as humans.

Updated Date: 12 March 2019, 08:56

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