US Supreme Court temporarily upholds full access to abortion pills

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US Supreme Court temporarily upholds full access to abortion pills

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday (April 14th) temporarily suspended a lower court's decision, allowing full access to mifepristone, the drug used for more than half of abortions in UNITED STATES. This suspension is valid until Wednesday before midnight, said the Supreme Court in its decision.

This is a new part of the legal battle for access to the abortion pill, which already had two. A week ago, a federal judge in Texas suspended the drug's marketing authorization across the country. Seized by the Biden government, a federal appeals court, located this time in Louisiana, had temporarily restored access to the abortion pill on Wednesday, however introducing more severe restrictions.

Following this decision, the Biden administration urgently petitioned the Supreme Court to act before these new restrictions take effect overnight from Friday to Saturday. By action of the Supreme Court, the restrictions are suspended until Wednesday. More than five million women have used mifepristone, which has been approved by the FDA for more than two decades, the government had exposed. When taken correctly, serious side effects are extremely rare, he argued.

This battle is the latest twist in the assault on abortion rights in the United States. It is already the Supreme Court, dominated by conservatives since its reshuffle by Donald Trump, which in June canceled the constitutional protection of abortion, provoking its ban in fifteen states.