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Archaeologists found in the Atlantis Russian a contraption similar to a iphone some 2,100 years

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A "smart phone" is, according to "The Siberian Times", the latest discovery of the archaeologist Pavel Ron . Described as a "rectangular object black", was found in a cemetery (more than a hundred of artifacts have been discovered there) of so-called "the Atlantis Russian" in Tuva –one of the republics of Russia, whose surface is submerged in the sea is uncovered for only a few weeks of the year.

Next to this piece, also discovered the body of a woman, which they have christened Natasha , which would have belonged to the ancient tribe of Xiongnu. The "treasure" is, in reality, an elegant belt buckle, made of precious stones embedded such as turquoise, carnelian and mother-of-pearl.

The scientists were able to decipher the age of the "belt" of the woman thanks to the ancient chinese coins which is also decorate it; its age would be around the 2,100 years , because it was the time in which they were minted for the first time.

Detail of the mummy and the "iphone" discovered - Twitter The Siberian TimesDetalle of the "iphone" discovered - Twitter The Siberian Times

Likewise, have been unearthed other two bodies of women partially mummified , and buried in her time with several tools of his trade.

One of them was baptized as "The sleeping beauty" – by her dress of silk– whose identity in a first moment had been the priestess for after ascribing a profession of designer leather . The other woman would have been a weaver, who was buried with a spindle of wood in a bag of knitting.

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