2 dogs credited with Rescuing owner's Lifetime from burning Dwelling die Exactly the same fire

"The two dogs had jumped him to wake up him, which enabled him to escape."

2 dogs credited with Rescuing owner's Lifetime from burning Dwelling die Exactly the same fire

Two puppies have been credited with saving the life span of their owner once they woke him up while his house was burning down before perishing in the fire themselves.

The incident happened at 6:24 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 18 in Dinwiddie, Virginia, once the Dinwiddie Emergency Communications Center dispatched fire and EMS components into a home fire and reports that an occupant and 2 dogs were inside the building.

However, as police reacted to the home fire about 35 miles south of Richmond, they received reports that the individual had successfully escaped and was in a neighbor's house across the street. The location of the 2 dogs remained unknown currently.

"Crews immediately started knocking down the fire and entering the structure to run a primary search"

The person who was at the home in the time of this flame was treated on the scene for smoke inhalation before being transported to the Southside Regional Medical Center for additional treatment. The name and age of this person hasn't yet been verified.

It was during the authorities' look of the structure that they found the bodies of those 2 dogs whom the proprietor had credited with saving his life.

"Prior to transport by EMS, the occupant was able to tell crews he had been asleep in the time of the flame and that the two dogs had jumped him to wake him up, which then allowed him to escape the flame," police confirmed in a statement.

The precise cause of the fire remains under investigation and police are now looking to see whether there were managing smoke alarms at the home that could have helped to avoid this tragedy.

The occupant is now being assisted by family as well as the American Red Cross.

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