26 Amazing Pairs of Period Underwear You Can Buy Right Now

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26 Amazing Pairs of Period Underwear You Can Buy Right Now

The U.S. is currently experiencing a shortage of tampons due to a lack of cotton and plastic. You have the chance to try out the best period underwear if you haven’t already. Many direct-to-consumer brands still stock tampons, but switching to washable and reusable period underwear is a smart choice for the environment. It diverts waste from landfills. This is also an affordable option for your wallet.

Although the cost of this underwear is higher than standard ones, you will likely save money over the long-term as you won’t have to buy as many single-use products. Period underwear is much easier than menstrual cups for those who are just starting to explore the world of reusable products.

Period underwear that is flexible, breathable, has a sliding scale of absorbency levels and is available in an inclusive range of sizes is the best. Pairs can be made from any of the materials your regular underwear uses, such as cotton, elastane and lace. We are confident that it is easier than you think to add these underwear pieces to your rotation.

These types of underwear are sometimes called period underwear but they can also be used for bladder leaks, incontinence, heavy discharge, extra sweaty days and other conditions.

Menstrual underwear is similar to a pad. It has additional layers of absorbent fabric in the gusset. These layers, unlike pads, are moisture-wicking. This means that when you bleed, the fabric wicks it into an inner layer, so you won’t be sitting in a damp spot.

The outer layer is usually made of nylon or Lycra and finished with a liquid repellent film. To keep your vaginal odors away, some brands add an antimicrobial layer. These undies can be worn for as long as 12 hours without changing. However, it all depends on how your period flows.

Period underwear can be machine washed in cold water along with your other laundry. We promise that the blood won't get into your other clothes. If you are worried about this, it is possible to hand-wash them if necessary. What is the most important thing? Do not put them in the dryer. Most pairs can air-dry overnight thanks to quick-drying fabrics.

Here's the scoop on period undies. These products will help you forget about your worries about finding tampons. These are other ways to handle the shortage of tampons.

A pair of underwear that feels like an easy hug when it's your month is a must-have in your dresser drawer. High-waisted period pants are exactly that. With their high waisted waist and full-coverage bum you will feel secure, supported, and protected. Because the pads are wide and long, these babies are great for heavy flow days and overnight. Proof's briefs have a light spandex blend while Aisle's Boost Brief is more cotton-like. Modibodi's briefs are available in a variety of patterns and colors. Thinx's have mesh panels along the sides.

Period-proof thongs can be used for lighter days, during workouts, small leaks, or when there is a possibility of spotting. There are many options, but it is important to check the size of your gusset before you go to checkout. Thinx, Proof and Knix thongs have super-thin, quick-drying fabric. Saalt's thong has lace detailing around its waistband for a more sexy look.

Comfort is important when you are on your period. That is why boyshorts make the best period pants. Because you already have enough to worry about, you don't need to fiddle with your underwear. For heavy days, the high-absorbency Boyshorts by Bambody, Thinx and Saalt are ideal. These are simple, with full coverage in the back and front, as well as a thick waistband that will keep you secure. Knix's lace back boyshorts are an elegant choice for those days when you need some sartorial inspiration.

These longer boxer shorts can double as clothing and undies. You can also find swimwear and leggings that are period-proof. Leakproof shorts are gender neutral and extremely comfortable for lounging. Aisle and Knix offer shorter options that can be worn under other pants. Modibodi or Tomboyx, on the other hand, have longer pairs that can be worn by themselves. These make great sleep shorts.

The good news is that many brands of absorbent underwear offer leak-proof options in classic bikini silhouettes. There are many fun patterns available from Ruby Love, Aisle and Knix. They also range in absorbency from super light to extremely high. Modibodi’s adaptive Clasp bikini is great for people with disabilities and quick-change situations. You don't even have to take off any other clothing. Bikinis can be a bit more playful than other styles of period underwear.

Combination of high-waisted shorts and boyshorts. Hipsters (or hiphuggers) have a low rise with wide side panels. These are basic, comfortable options that can be worn every day of your period. They are great for sleeping or working out because they offer more coverage. These picks have a tight fit and wide band. There are many colors to choose from.

Rael and Hazel are trusted names in the business if you prefer disposable undies. Hazel's Dry and High Briefs are made for people who have periods and incontinence. They are high-waisted and snug. Rael's undies look similar with a shirred blend of cotton to mold to your body.

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