A biography of Sebastian Kurz raises the temperature of the campaign the austrian

Austria seeks new head of GobiernoKurz loses the confidence motion of the parliament of AustriaEl chancellor austrian calls early elections after breaking his p

A biography of Sebastian Kurz raises the temperature of the campaign the austrian
Austria seeks new head of GobiernoKurz loses the confidence motion of the parliament of AustriaEl chancellor austrian calls early elections after breaking his pact with the ultra-right

only a week Ago that the people's Party Austrian (ÖVP), acknowledged publicly to have been a victim of a computer attack. For weeks they had been stealing data to headquarters in Vienna, whose internal network, the attacker had accessed through a web server abroad. Were "copied, manipulated and deleted data on a large scale", according to their security officers, from late July until the 2 September. "The high level of professionalism and the high cost of the operation points to a political motivation, or perhaps foreign secret services", has been diagnosed by the cyber security expert Avi Kravitz.

"The dimension of the threat is completely new," said the candidate of the VÖP to the elections of the 29th of September, the former foreign austrian Sebastian Kurz , who also confirmed that "the goal seems to be to combine truths and falsehoods to harm us in the election." Still had not recovered from the shock when it has been unleashed against him on the internet an outrageous smear campaign, using as a pretext the biography written by the journalist Judith Grohmann and comes to bookstores on the 11th of September. On the basis of the course tone flattering of the book and laughing at language novel-which apparently premium in the work, a hangstag raises tens of thousands of comments that users of Twitter often anonymous openly mock Sebastian Kurz, who led until now with considerable advantage to the polls, but that may have stumbled with the enemy, liquid, and unidentifiable network.

"we don't know very well how to act, this is not political opposition to the use. There is No way to counteract a message based on the mockery, and whose issuer does not know. There is No way to defend against this", said sources in his office, overwhelmed in the last 48 hours of the campaign with which the internet users are having fun fantasizing with the passages biographical Kurz in the style of the popular series "50 shades of Grey". "So we lay on her bed, her sheets smelled like delicate petals of a rose. He leaned over me with his strong body and demanded that she say something dirty. That was what he liked, so I took a breath and whispered gently in his ear: inheritance tax". This is an example, signed by "@DieRaffa", the comments added to the hanshtag "# 50shadesofkurz" with which it is not able to deal your communication equipment. Another user of the same social network, which is identified as “. @Die_Liser", adds another paragraph to the collective work: "He looked at me. His eyes reflected the flag of the austrian, that the first of may, flew gently with the wind patriotic. "Hello, small," he said, his voice lower than that of the Traunsee,: Do you Want me to push up to close your path for the Balkans?".

a Favorite in the polls

Kurz had managed until now to maintain a position in the polls, clearly ahead of the rest of the matches. is With a 36%, emerges as the most voted candidate, leaving behind the social Democratic Party (SPÖ), with 22% and the nationalist FPÖ, with the 20%. According to several media, Kurz would have lost a percentage point in the first 24 hours that has circulated the hashtag, which has been done in a few hours with the prominence pre-election. Just a day before, the subject that occupied the analysts austrians was the fact Ursula Stenzel , a member of the FPÖ, had participated in a demonstration on Saturday in Vienna by the movement xenophobic Identity. Stenzel, a tv presenter and converted into a policy, he argued that it is necessary to fight islam in Europe and the secretary general of the popular austrian, Karl Nehammer , had demanded on Sunday the removal of Stenzel of the party. But Twitter has managed to turn the political agenda of austria out of the political discourse. "Honestly, not understand that the policy of the VÖP has allowed the publication of a biography so little unbiased," complains one of the less heated of the network.

The author assures that the book has not been commissioned. "No, not at all. I was the one who suggested a biography to Sebastian Kurz. The idea came three years ago, during an interview. It is my first political book. I was especially interested in how it is that someone so young goes so far in politics. He wanted to look behind the curtain," said Grohmann, who also notes that the publication date was agreed upon long before it was known that Austria would be an early election this month of September . It also insists that it has nothing to do with the game or is a fan a fan of the former foreign. "It's just I have appreciated his ability of seduction. During the photo session for the cover of the book, constantly trying to make me laugh. Your mother is right: it is a rascal kind", he argues.

Date Of Update: 12 September 2019, 11:01

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