Aragonès ahead Torrent in your quest to happen to Junqueras

The PP proposes a motion of censure against Quim Torra to avoid an "uprising" after the sentenciaLa CUP refuses to enter into a "government of national conce

Aragonès ahead Torrent in your quest to happen to Junqueras
The PP proposes a motion of censure against Quim Torra to avoid an "uprising" after the sentenciaLa CUP refuses to enter into a "government of national concentration" with the Round after the sentence

CKD left list, the Sunday, the internal organization of the face of a new situation -the judgment of the Supreme Court - with a consequence that will force you to change the names of the leaders that will be presented to the citizens in the upcoming regional elections. The party, which still controls Oriol Junqueras from the prison -status pretrial-, gave for good the proposal to Pere Aragonès, vice-president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, to take advantage over Roger Torrent, president of the Parliament of Catalonia, in the struggle about to happen to Junqueras. is Aragonès was chosen as national coordinator in the 28th National Congress of CKD this weekend , and will only be subject to your own Junqueras, who repeated as president and Marta Rovira, who renews the charge as general secretary and still leaked from the Justice to reside in Switzerland.

The model of the PNV

Although the reorganisation of the party does not determine the next candidate to the Generalitat, Aragonès stood as the favorite in his career with Torrent , who makes only ten days, aware of its weakness in the bosom of CKD, defended in an interview to The Newspaper that the training policy should follow the "schema" of the PNV in the Basque Country.

"There is a schema of ideal match that looks quite like that. Without giving names. A part of the organization is dedicated to making work to the party, and the other focuses its efforts on the institutions. Would you go walking to a schema as well," said Torrent, that form part of the new National Executive for their condition institutional -as Gabriel Ruffian, Mirella Cortès and Ernest Maragall-, but not integrated into the single list presented this weekend.

Who wins integers is Marta Vilalta , journalist almenar that for a year and a half, is the spokesperson of the executive board, in substitution Sergi Sabrià, who took the reins of the party in the regional Parliament. Vilalta is the new deputy secretary-general, so that will be the voice of Rovira, and will form tandem with Aragonès, in substitution of the Junqueras-Rovira.

Salvadó, relegated

In the 28th National Congress of CKD participated 5.195 militants of the 9.087 that they had the right to do so . That is to say, the 57,16 percent. A tip from the leadership of the party put in value to indicate that it is the highest number of participation in a congress of CKD. The militants chose the members of the National Executive and National Council.

For the election of the executive, the only way to assess the internal criticism null and void in the media - was with the blank votes. There, Lluís Salvadó, involved in the procés in the cause that investigates the magistrate Court 13 of Barcelona, was all eyes. In front of the 88,34 per cent of support that it got Junqueras or the 82,99 percent of Aragonès, Salvadó stayed in the 71,21 percent: 3.697 supports and 996 votes in white.

The militancy of CKD do not forget -although I forgive you the words of Salvadó with a friend of his, recorded by the police and leaked in march 2018, about your preference to choose a woman as a counselor of the Generalitat: "you have the tits the more fat you give it and is already. And you stay so wide." Salvadó apologized to the consider "inappropriate" words.

Date Of Update: 17 September 2019, 06:00

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