Valverde didn't clear the doubt of Messi

Messi receives the high and travels with the club to DortmundLa Champions League begins with fuegoAnsu Fati begins his history One of the big doubts for tomorr

Valverde didn't clear the doubt of Messi
Messi receives the high and travels with the club to DortmundLa Champions League begins with fuegoAnsu Fati begins his history

One of the big doubts for tomorrow's match is the possibility that Messi can play by the end of this season. The argentine has received the high medical , so that their discomfort in the soleus muscles are resolved, but Ernesto Valverde remains reluctant to rush and could leave him on the bench. This Tuesday we will decide what to do. " What we will decide tomorrow . A few days ago is not what we were very clear, but the past few workouts is finishing well and taking off of the head pains that you have. It is important to play without thinking. Has had a great evolution, but we'll see tomorrow," reveals the coach, who expects a "great atmosphere as always at this stage, and an opponent of a lot of level that is a candidate to win the Bundesliga and have their options in the Champions league. It is an entrée to begin".

Words for Ansu Fati , the great revelation of the League. "I have not spoken much with him, except for tactical things. I don't much like that of giving advice, but I will speak with him. It is all that are around him will bring him naturally. We'll see if it plays and if it does not is beat a record , but for the needs of the team" wanted to make clear. And pointed: "In this competition, a bad day pulls you out of it. Last year we won eight or nine games, we lost one and we didn't get to the end. The two in the end lost more games than us.

Here you can not neglect ten minutes , the errors are paid expensive". In this regard, it referred to the mistakes of the past: "In the same way that we win, sometimes we lose. The important thing is to get back up. But that belongs to the past and now the future. Football always gives you a new opportunity."

praise for Paco Alcácer : "it Is a great player and it is showing. Here he plays with more regularity, and what is winning. It is a team that comes well because Dortmund plays very close to the area.

The fact of knowing him is an advantage and a disadvantage because he knows us". And also to Luis Suárez: "The other day he gave an important step. Played a while with the team, we didn't want to charge a lot and can be input.

Suárez is very insistent , at Old Trafford because they had to aim a goal. In other matches was very close and we are clear that it is going to keep trying. And I hope that you do not repeat the question because it has been marked, but we have to improve away from home, that is clear".

The notice of Ter Stegen

Also appeared Marc André Ter Stegen to the press in a scenario that well cnoce after their duels when working in the Monchedglabdach. "It's a very difficult where I suffered with the Borussia, the people are very on top. Who doesn't know they will put the skin of gallina.

we Want to win and start in a good way to meet the following parties with good faith," explained the goalkeeper, who has responded to the possibility that Messi can play at last after receiving the alte: "Is training and getting strong for the season. It is possible to play, but you decide to the coach. We hope that you will soon be with us and we can help. It is an example for many and you will miss the best player in the world. And when you're not, you note".

The keeper acknowledged that " there is always pressure in the Champions league , in which the level is very high. We have to learn from the situations in which we fail in other years, and not to forget. It will be a very difficult game and we have to be from the beginning to one hundred percent." And he added, " we must try to win away from home . It is not easy, in the clash of tomorrow we must fight. We know what is upon us and we have to be prepared. Valverde has prepared us well, let's go out and give everything". Stegen will be the faces with Paco Alcácer , that milito at Barcelona: "he has Never changed. This is your level, it was Dortmund to find more minutes and it was a wise decision. It has been the perfect step. is Is phenomenal and we see it in their numbers with goals and assists. I hope you continue to like it, but that will stop tomorrow for a moment".

Date Of Update: 17 September 2019, 08:00

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