Asensio finds its most expected goal and takes Spain to the final

The dream of gold needed the most misunderstood footballer, appeared at the time of glory, more axis than ever. He received in the area, turned inside and lau

Asensio finds its most expected goal and takes Spain to the final

The dream of gold needed the most misunderstood footballer, appeared at the time of glory, more axis than ever. He received in the area, turned inside and launched the indecipherable diagonal for the Japan goalkeeper, a diagonal that leads to a place known only by some privileged footballers, such as Guardiola or Luis Enrique, like Kiko, the man of that night in which Spain, made a feeling, invaded the Camp Nou. The 92 was like discovering how much we loved us. Asensio can feel, today, in that way. [Narration and statistics: 1-0]

Others who came to that place, Xavi or Puyol, could not repeat it, in Sydney, although they sang the most celebrated goals of our soccer. Now it's different, another time in which something is cooked in the selection, and smells good. The Eurocopa showed it and the games, with many of those who competed there, up to six, endorse it. Although brilliance is expected, there is the resistance. Be that as it may, Spain compete, wins, progresses. The final, on Saturday, will be another thing: Brazil, who needed the penalty in front of Mexico, is a summit.

Asensio could not be among those who played the euro. The uneasiness seized the footballer after an irregular season in Madrid. ZZ goes away, Luis Enrique does not call me. Bad matter The games were a hook pennant, but once in Tokyo, he did not feel chosen either. Not always holder, replaced. Before Japan he entered as an alternative. It can be said that he took her big, with his goal in the extension, already without Olmo, without Pedri. Spain has a final. Asensio, a piece of glory. He remains to finish the work.

Spain began to play the game that Japan wanted, forced positional attacks, without space. It is a scenario that often hold the precautions, the crashes in which something important is at stake. Few things like the fight for a gold. Cucurella appeared on the left, in search of depth, and Rafa Mir first began at eleven. The 'Hat Trick' against Costa de Ivory left few doubts. No one has had so much goal. It was not repeated. The sacrificial was precisely asensio.

Rafa Mir had the goal on his boots on a ball released into space for his career, but, unlike in semifinals, he lost his hand by hand with Tani, the Japanese goalkeeper. He would happen again. Nothing clearer had had the team in attack, just a high shot of Oyarzabal, and nothing would have until after the beginning of the second half, when Mikel Merino fell in the area and the referee pointed to Penalti. Var showed that Yashida, a defensive mast, had deviated the ball cleanly, before both footballers impacted. Start again.

The selection needed other things, more paths, more clarity and more verticality and stuck. If the match looked like some played so far was that of the debut against Egypt. It had been clearly the worst. Carlos Soler and Punto entered with that mission and came from the field someone very referential at a key time: Dani Olmo. I would leave the field after Pedri, when Asensio entered, with everything to decide. The decision of Luis de la Fuente, risky, would be key.

Japan, who played such a slope of Kubo as Argentina's at Messi does, had not demonstrated the high rhythm of play that they usually have Asian selections, such as the Japanese or Korean. Not this time. The danger limited it to some launch, but the ally of him was the clock. Between trying to play and try that Spain will not play, they chose the second.

Take the semifinal to outcome without goals reinforced Japan in his arguments. It was time to look for some space because an acose meant the final, but without losing the formation. Kubo became room in front of Vallejo, who had replaced Óscar Gil, and tested the gloves of Uni Simón. Those intentions did not go wrong with Spain, because it found options in the area, improved in intensity for changes. Rafa Mir again lost to Tani and Oyarzabal did not find the bow. Another extension expected, under the threat of penalties, but unexpected footballer prevented him. The final must be the prize of him.

Date Of Update: 03 August 2021, 17:29

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