Ask for more than six centuries for the drivers of the prisoners, eta has

Josu Veal will be the Supreme French to claim your start-libertadGoyoaga labeled as "nonsense" the trial by the summary 11/13 The National court will, from t

Ask for more than six centuries for the drivers of the prisoners, eta has
Josu Veal will be the Supreme French to claim your start-libertadGoyoaga labeled as "nonsense" the trial by the summary 11/13

The National court will, from today, one of the great causes left for you to judge in relation to the activity of the terrorist band ETA. is Up to 47 members of the so-called "front of the prisons" of the organization will sit on the bench for the offences of integration, collaboration with a terrorist organization, praise, and breach of precautionary measures.

Some of the 47 defendants - among which are lawyers, doctors, family members and intermediaries of the group of prisoners basque (EPPK)- are Arantza Zulueta, Ainhoa Baglietto, Jon Enparantza, the exsenador of Bildu Iñaki Goioaga, or Amaia Izko, a member of the same formation in the present in the town Hall of Pamplona. The Prosecution calls for them to penalties individual of imprisonment ranging from eight to 21 years in prison, while the requests of the prison joint exceeding six centuries.


The accused belong to different groups of which were built in the area of coordination of the "front of jail" ETA , which later came to be called KG. This area was composed by the platform Herrira, which exercised the functions of Askatasuna, outlawed in 2012, and that in turn was the successor of Managers Pro Amnesty, the Collective of Lawyers; the association of families of imprisoned eta Etxerat, the association of doctors and psychologists Jaiki Jaidi, guaranteeing the health care of the members of the EPPK, and the collective of prisoners, organizations, all under the direction and control of the coordination group created by the band.

According to the indictment, the Association of Victims of Terrorism, this area was set up as a space for coordination between different groups that made up the "conglomerate organizational" of the "front of jail". The organizations that were part of it exchanging all kinds of information related to the prisoners of EPPK . "The investigation was very aware that the activity of the organizations that managed was intended to support and complement the activities of the terrorist organization," reads the letter of the AVT.

The trial, which begins today and is held at the headquarters of the Audiencia Nacional in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), will feature a dozen of sessions until the 28th of November.

The operations "Check mate", "Mate", and "Shepherd", performed in January of 2014, January of 2015 and march of that same year, desarticularon the so-called "front of jail" , a decade later, of the creation, by order of ETA, the coordination group, whose main function was to lead the group of prisoners basques entirely, ensuring the cohesion of its members and their fidelity to the band, and exercising such a function always subordinate to the organization.

The announcement of ETA to put an end to the terrorist attacks produced a reorganization in the "front of the prisons" of those who served the band to control the prisoners since 2003. In this new stage, the terrorist organization changed their strategy and forms of struggle, but not of objectives, according to the allegations. One of them was still the to keep the members of the collective of prisoners of basque "political" assets, with an attitude of permanent "struggle" in the interior of the prison. it was intended to vindicate the validity of the alleged basque conflict. The accused participated in this process, at least, since 2012.

In this way arise the various entities that made up the "front of jail" ETA from 2012 . Herrira, which was created by the coordination group to fill the void organisational generated by the outlawed Union, assumed from the beginning, according to AVT, "the functions of raising funds to provide legal assistance, social and medical, as well as the responsibility over the acts of homage, welcome the members of the ETA released and mobilization in favor of the prisoners."


in Addition, the VTA also stated in his writing how the "Lawyers Collective" is integrated, from the beginning of 2012, in a structure-dependent ETA, "since all its members are fully aware of this situation and of the activities of assistance-legal policies that were ".

Etxerat and Jaiki Jaidi are other groups whose members will be judged by the National court as of today. The first, formed by relatives of ETA prisoners, had as objective the exchange of information and coordination with the highest efficiency possible with the rest of the organizations that made up the front, while the members of "Jaiki Heidi" were fully aware of the purposes that were chasing the rest of the organizations.

Date Of Update: 16 September 2019, 09:00

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