Hazing: when the abuse is disguised as tradition

The video of the violent hazing a young girl from the Complutense that has gone viral: "it Is a wild" The humiliation is the common denominator of hazing a

Hazing: when the abuse is disguised as tradition
The video of the violent hazing a young girl from the Complutense that has gone viral: "it Is a wild"

The humiliation is the common denominator of hazing and a ring that many newcomers believe that they must pass in order to integrate into college life. Sheltered in the belief that it is an old tradition , the veterans organized activities at the margin of the address of the centres, before the prohibition expressed in many universities, and residences, are beginning to disguise of "acts" and welcome to give them a patina of false sympathy. The same dog with a different collar, year after year. "Call it a dynamic or games of coexistence, make them voluntary, and the first day is even dedicated to chatting so friendly with the guys to extract information that can then be used to humiliate them". This is how the father of a student victim of these acts, the modus operandi with that in some colleges gallegos try to circumvent the indications -textual and sharps - that the rectorados gave last August and which expressly prohibit this type of activity.

With the pretext that this is something volunteer , starting a process of vexations in which the boundaries are fuzzy. From the violent slap that these days it has gone viral to baths of cold water, beatings continued or submissions that can prolong for months, and through which the veteran means that, for example, the new view or comb it in a certain way. Coinciding with the start of the course, and after only a week, the University of Santiago de Compostela has been forced to open the two files at the same college for the alleged hazing that its residents have committed. In one case the complaint, now investigation, left a family. On the other, was the university itself which acted ex officio. On the survival of this type of practices, from the USC play a role in the institution santiago has a policy of "tolencia zero" with them and have a protocol for the prevention of these episodes. In addition, the students who are staying in the residences public receives the start of the course a warning this type of attitudes are prohibited, and may result in further sanctions.

This policy of awareness-raising contrary to the cruelty of the hazing began to take hold in the Spanish centres a few years ago, coinciding with the creation of the first association antinovatadas of Spain , based in La Coruña. The phone of its president, Loreto González-Dopeso, did not stop ringing these days. There is No data on this type of practice -very widespread in the campus with more tradition - because the students almost never reported, indicates the president, but many calls in which the pattern is repeated. "The hazing are still being considered by the experts like violence normalized or trivialized ", introduces the spokesperson for No more hazing . "Some have that things start as a game, such as the garment, and then they move on to things more gross as the crash-landed eggs in the head, get names, call them gentlemen veterans, to make obeisances or painted genitals on the face" exposed. What is there to think about, it affects González - Dopeso, is what happens before that situation comes to occur, because "now many times I ask the boys if they want to be novateados". "This is going in a spiral and the slap is not the first hazing, always start with a small act of submission ," he says on the basis of all the testimonies collected from the 2011.

Those who do not pass through the ring

The deny , which are becoming more and more suffer from at times a certain degree of marginalization in these schools, as for example not being able to go up in the elevator or not able to participate in sports activities. "A hazing activity is not a joke because a joke is no empathy and you can stop. This is not to" assume from the association referring to the "laughter" that can be heard in the background video of the slap recorded in Madrid. By gender, the type of aggression in the case of women, tends to be "more subtle" and in the men's "most violent". As an example, a practice called "deck" and located in the galician capital. "A doctor saw one of these newcomers, and said that the bumps I had were the same as if I had past a truck above ", explains the president of NMN. To expect that the two investigations opened in Santiago to give their fruits, and with the expulsion of the protagonists of the video of Madrid this, the managers of these institutions insist, "the arrival to the university you do not have to be this way ".

Date Of Update: 16 September 2019, 10:00

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