Boris Johnson tries to contain the Descallabro in Downing Street

Boris Johnson struggled to contain the "Descallabro" in Downing Street, with five chain resignations, and summoned his staff to transmit a message from calm i

Boris Johnson tries to contain the Descallabro in Downing Street

Boris Johnson struggled to contain the "Descallabro" in Downing Street, with five chain resignations, and summoned his staff to transmit a message from calm in the middle of the storm. "The change is good," he said, paraphrasing the Rafiki mandrel from King León, designed at the same time the image of being in charge of the situation and forcing the exodus of the principals involved in the Patygate.

"We are in the half-time talk of a rugby game," the premiere came to say the advisors who still have left, the Daily Mirror revealed. "This is the time to spit the chewed orange peel and get a new protector in the gums to go out into the field, that's what we are doing."

The fifth resignation, that of the Boxer Amateurelena Narozanski, until Friday a member of the Political Unit of number 10, surprised however with the Low Guard the conservative leader. Narozanski followed the steps of former chief of her Munira Mirza, who on Thursday said goodbye to Johnson attacking his attacks "inappropriate and rude" directed against the leader of the Keir Starmer opposition.

The sudden resignation of Munira Mirza apparently precipitated Johnson's own plans to purge on his team and take away from the middle those involved in the 'Partygate', starting with his personal secretary Martin Reynolds (the same one who sent a hundred guests The message of "brought your own bottle" to the party celebrated on May 20, 2020).

The Chief of Communications Jack Doyle, with whose march had been speculating for a long time, resigned alleging "the terrible toll that I have had to pay in my family life" as a result of the scandal. The staff chief Dan Rosenfield also abandoned him the position of his criticism because he had not been able to build a strong bond between Jonhson and his own party of him in Parliament.

According to sources of Downing Street, the Premier had planned to announce great changes in his team from next week, in response to the internal research of High Sue Gray Sue Gray, who condemned "the leadership ruling at all levels" and the "Excessive consumption of alcohol" at the offices of the Prime Minister.

The sudden resignation of Munira Mirza, who had been working with Johnson from his time as mayor in London, precipitated however the "cleaning operation" at last time of Thursday afternoon. In fact, the cascade of renunciation forced by the Prime Minister himself served to contain the impact of the Mirza march, which accused him of having fallen very low for his references "to the horrible case of infantile abuse" of the BBC presenter Jimmy Savile .

During the Partygate debate, Jonhnson said that the Labor Keir Starmer was dedicated "to pursuing journalists instead of incriminating Jimmy Saville" at his stage of Attorney General. The Premier rectified on Thursday and acknowledged that Starmer did not have a personal responsibility in that case, after the reprimand received among others by his secretary of Treasury Rishi Sunak, which on Thursday acknowledged: "I would never have said that publicly."

Sunak was unmarked from Johnson at least twice along Thursday, which served to feed speculation about his intention to leave the ship and present his own candidacy as a conservative party leader. The resignation of Munira Mirza, also considered as near the political circle of him, also gave foot to the thesis that Sunak would be already forming his own team.

The "Descallabro" in Downing Street coincided with the crisis the Northern Ireland, after the resignation of the Unionist Paul Givan as the main minister, and with the announcement that the bill of light can upload on more than 700 euros this year for millions of British, with the increase in the cost of life by displacing the pandemic as the greatest national concern in the midst of the political uncertainty created by the PartyGate.

Most of the Tories deputies remain loyal to the Premier, and only seven so far have recognized have directed letters to the Parliamentary Committee 1992 by asking for a motion of censorship. At least 54 should support the initiative so that it could prosper. Member Aaron Bell joined the rebel tories on Friday and confirmed having remitted the letter of censorship to Johnson.

In a desperate attempt to conjure the rebellion in their own ranks, Johnson sent a letter to the Torries deputies promising them "direct line with number 10" and "greater capacity to influence government policies". The Premier confirmed as a new director of the political unity of him to the former banker and former director of the Sky Andrew Griffith chain, next in his day to Rupert Murdoch.

"I always thought that Boris 'Show' was going to end up in a disaster," said the former President of the Conservative Party Chris Patten, who warned that his "insulting attack" Keir Starmer on behalf of Jimmy Savile was " His last act ". The former Labor Leader accused Jonhson of being "a stain in our politics" and criticized him "launching the collaborators of him for saving himself".

Andrew Marr, former BBC Estrella presenter, assured that "it is difficult to imagine an innate fewer trained character, by temperament and personality, to lead a country to a crisis like the Covid." "But Boris Johnson will fight and fight as an albino gorilla," he predicted, "to save the leader that he loves: the same one he sees every morning at the time of shaving in the mirror."

Date Of Update: 05 February 2022, 09:16

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