Can we reinfect us by omicron?

It is very common to see these days as some family members who end their isolation by Covid-19 give relief to other members. For example, a mother gets anxiou

Can we reinfect us by omicron?

It is very common to see these days as some family members who end their isolation by Covid-19 give relief to other members. For example, a mother gets anxious negative and, at two days, one of her children positive. What should we do in these cases? Is reinfection possible? Is it safe to live with a positive and do "normal life" if we have just passed the disease?

Dr. Fauca, presidential adviser on topics of infectious diseases of the United States and one of the leading world experts in this field, was pronounced a few days ago on the question. He explained that, indeed, there are reinfections, but if a good immunological response is armed, it is unlikely to reinfect with the same variant, at least for a few months. In the unlikely event that this occurred, the infection would generally be a slight.

Although it is necessary to continue investigating the capacity for reinfection by omicron, when this happens in a short period of time it is usually due to:

1. Infection by different variant. Recall that, although the omicron variant is the queen, Delta continues among us. Faced with a reinfection, the most likely scenario is that in the first place we have been infected by the Delta variant and later by omicron, which, as all the rules skipped, is able to circumvent the immunity created in front of Delta.

2. Same non-resolved infection. There are people who can continue to give positive in PCR for weeks, although in general with low contagion capacity. As a curiosity, since the Ministry of Health is considered suspicion of reinfection when more than 90 days of the previous one have passed. 90 days have been considered to avoid confusion with the cases that give positively prolonged. In summary, someone could give negative in an antigen test, consider that their infection is finished ... and yet continue to be positive in PCR for weeks without knowing it. If later it maintains a close contact and a PCR is performed, it may think that its positive is recent and that it is a reinfection, although it is not really.

3. Reactivation of the non-resolved infection. Although it is not habitual, it is possible that a person who has finished its isolation but continues to have low viral load, can reactivate their infection when they come into contact with the virus again and stimulate their immune system.

If we talk about Coronavirus we must remember that the basic physical laws of magnetism are not met. They already know, what positive poles are repelled while positive and negative ones are attracting. In terms of contagion, when a person is "negative" and another is "positive", the best they can do is be separated. Especially if the "negative" person enters and leaves the address. This person, who perhaps precisely now take less precautions for creating immune, could act as a carrier and infect other people at work, making social life, etc.

There are people who live in very small homes or, for example, are in charge of the care of minors or older. Although for these people it is really impossible to perform an insulation following the basic guidelines that we mention last week, they can also continue taking certain useful measures. Although the contagion in this case is very likely, they can continue using FFP2 mask, ventilating the stays, extreme hygiene measures and keeping the distance to the extent of possibilities.

Summary: having overcome omicron in this sixth wave gives you an enviable immunity, especially if you are previously vaccinated since you will have what immunologists call "hybrid immunity", that is, more complete. However, this does not make you "invincible". By caution towards you and to the rest, try to isolate you from the people who are now contagious around you will be the safest thing for everything

Date Of Update: 05 February 2022, 13:39

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