Christian Lindner, the German liberal who killed Bambi

"The greatest desire for my life is not to be minister but to have two or three children soon." The appointment is from the president and candidate of the L

Christian Lindner, the German liberal who killed Bambi

"The greatest desire for my life is not to be minister but to have two or three children soon." The appointment is from the president and candidate of the Liberal Party (FDP) to the German Foreign Ministry, Christian Lindner, and has called both the focus of a leader accused of sexist who derived on debates on the same statement made by a political leader.

Lindner can become a minister before father. The FDP will be essential in the government's training resulting from the elections of September 26. Unless the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Greens SUME in Sides parliamentary majority or ending up reissue once again the great coalition, all possible government options, and are several, pass through the FDP, although with Lindner is not known . Four years ago, the FDP rejected the opportunity to return to the government in a coalition with the Greens and under the direction of the Christian-Democratic Union (CDU) by Angela Merkel. After four weeks of negotiations, Lindner withdrew from the table with the argument that "it is better not to govern that go wrong". What happened was the reissue of the great coalition by intervention by the head of the State, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Lindner has loaded with that decision on his back and in political circles it is assumed that, if necessary, the FDP will not be refused for the second time to form a government. The metrosexual of German politics, the Officer of the Air Force in the Reserve, the soul of the FDP that seeks the party since the time of External Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher is, however, unpredictable. He thinks in the long term and until now he has gone well.

"Welcome to the FDP, I mean the basement," were the words that Lindner directed the Delegates of the FDP Congress in Rostock in 2011. Her welcome was a premonition. Two years later, in the 2013 elections, the FDP received the biggest hit of its history. By not having been able to collect the minimum of 5% of the votes established by the law to access the Bundestag, it was left out.

It was then when Lindner assumed the reins. 4.8% achieved in 2013, the FDP passed in the legislative from 2017 to 10.7%. Where they are now held, according to surveys, 12% -13%. The progress of Liberals is the work of Lindner, the only visible face.

Lindner was born on January 7, 1979 in the city of Wuppertal, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Son of mathematical and computer, he studied political science with the specialty in philosophy and criminal law in Bonn. He combined his studies with the advice of electricity companies and even worked at the Thromix company, advising the housewives about those products.

At age 16 he entered the FDP and at 21 he took possession of his first act of deputy in the Rhonian Parliament, the youngest of the House. He showed up in jacket suit, tie and leather briefcase. When the head of the parliamentary group, the already deceased Jürgen Möllemann, saw him appear so elegantly, he nicknamed "Bambi", an expression that is equivalent to saying "soft" for the business.

Mölleman was wrong. In the nocturnal meetings that the young deputies kept in Bonn, Lindner proved an unusual self-control for his age. He never went from the line, nor in the speech of him nor with the beers, and that explains that already in 2004 he would agree to the General Secretariat of the Renan FDP. A year later, he was elected vice president of the parliamentary and spokeswoman group for matters of innovation, economics and technology. In 2009 he jumped into the Bundestag and as a gift, one of the ancient Renan colleagues of him gave him a poster of the sex pistols with the label that was going to be the first movie of the band "Who Killed Bambi?" -Who killed Bambi? He had the answer in advance: Lindner.

Lindner took care soon and with the departure of then Federal President, the deceased Guido Westerwelle, all responsibility fell into his hands. He was then 34 years old. They say that the support of him until then had been his wife, the journalist and political analyst Dagmar Rosenfeld, current Chief Editor of the newspaper 'Die Welt'. Marriage broke in a friendly way in 2018. Shortly after, Lindner presented in society to the new companion of him, a television reporter called Franca Lehfedt, eleven years younger and from a wealthy family. In Berliner Lies, it was said that Franca, who studied hotel management, resided in the luxurious Hotel Adlon, next to the door of Brandenburg, while she had practices in the capital.

With frank burns in desires, the liberal candidate soon forming a family, because according to his words, "the children give meaning and fill their lives." Meanwhile, always impeccable in dressing and eternally tanning, Lindner multiplies his campaign acts defending his liberal ideology, which includes individual responsibility, taxation of taxes, elite training, innovation, digitization and incentives to companies to create employment and, be possible, of quality.

Lindner, the Bambi who turned out to be a shark could have done anything else in his life. Already at age 30 he had the qualities and contacts necessary for it. But he chose to associate his name to FPD and liberalism, a philosophy of life that, according to the candidate, has its roots in the New Testament, while salvation through Christ is a personal gift for all, is the source of individualism From which liberalism arose.

It is understood that Lindner goes for free and that his sense of humor is as personal as to have received by 2020 the EMA feminist journal to "sexist man alive" - the most sexist man alive. He won the award for the word games of him at the farewell of the General Secretary of the FDP, Linda Teuteberg. Lindner, with a tendency to the jokes with double sense, apologized later.

Date Of Update: 25 September 2021, 19:43

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