Concha Márquez Piquer, the details of his divorce of Curro Romero

Since the day it avoids Perón saved the life of a typhus to the premonitory travel in the car of Nino Bravo at full speed by Madrid. From how García Márquez w

Concha Márquez Piquer, the details of his divorce of Curro Romero

Since the day it avoids Perón saved the life of a typhus to the premonitory travel in the car of Nino Bravo at full speed by Madrid. From how García Márquez was inspired by her for a character of love in the times of anger to that ugly that he can not forget from Concha Velasco. Concha Márquez Piquer, who has died at 75, wanted to resurrect from the memory of her the most outstanding passages of the azarosa her in her biography of her, myself (Ed. Clear letter). A life full of genial privileges and friendships such as Orson Welles or Picasso, in which the deammer left an indelible imprint. Perhaps for that reason the daughter of Dona Concha Piquer recreated clearly and concisely in the birth, climax and death of her marriage with Curro Romero, become a legend of the bullfight during her relationship.

Conchita slides with nostalgia on the first day in which he told his father, the Torero Antonio Márquez, who wanted to go through the altar with which he would later be called the Pharaoh of Beds. The "no" of her was so resounding and sound that she planned to run away with Curro. She was a teenager (her first kiss from her with him was at age 15), but with mature and ambitious ideas, so much that she sought the blessing of the church to convince her progenitor.

Dona Concha and her husband did not have another option than to translate with the decision of his daughter, who did not reach every 17 years. In the end, they married in the Church of Jerónimos of Madrid. Concha Márquez was late because she had forgotten the bouquet made of Azahar at home. It had to be called the locksmith and forcing the door as they were all in the church, waiting impatiently at the bride. "

In the end they took me in flying with a lipotimia, since I had lowered the tension to have been without eating all day, and we went to the hotel Wellington, where a dinner was given for the more than 1,300 guests, "he says in his memories .

By then, Concha father became the agent of Curro Romero. He gave him a Montera with the name of him and lent him the Fundon with his ranks made by the Master Luna "swords (...) that I hope to recover at the time because they belong to me as my father's legacy." Later, Márquez Piquer speaks in his book of an event that stained by gray his first days as a married woman: the steal of the security box of a Cali hotel from the brilliant brooch who had given her her wedding spinker, "acquired In the Aldao jewelry and that I only preserve his image in a photograph. " His with the bullfighter lasted 17 years, had two daughters and had to face the death of one of them, Coral, to which Márquez was very united and whose christening came from Audrey Hepburn to Lola Flores or Yul Brynner next to his wife. Concha puts words to indescribable feelings. She even talks about the subsequent infidelities of Curro without any modesty. "Put them, yes he put them on me, but many years after getting married." On the alleged endless parracks of him, which precipitated an inevitable rupture, she does not cut either.

"The flamenco journeys of Curro lasted two and three days (...) and when not, endless poker games, the poker was, more or less, bearable because after all, I had at home, but and when He had to go look for a worried Tablao because he had prolonged more than normal? "

The thing becomes interesting when Márquez relates how was his separation of Curro: "One day, after many unpleasant situations, suspicion of infidelities and others, we talk about it in the dining room of the Castellana (...) Despite that, Curro continued to live in another room more than a year, resisting and refusing to leave (...). Before his attitude I went to see Luis Zarraluqui and initiated the procedures of divorce. " The daughter of which was maximum expression of the popular song in the postwar period is not deprived of giving details. "I must add that on the part of Curro there was no magnanimity, since he even got price to the jewels that he had given me, as well as a drawing that Picasso" had given them both.

Another of the hot spots of the book is that in which Concha Márquez Piquer puts the points about the IUTES about his commented process of marriage nullity with the father of two of his three daughters. "The truth is that I had not absolutely denied anything, because it is merely clear that I have no power to give or deny the nullity to any marriage, not even mine, when it is a court, that of the broken, who has to Pronounce a sentence in a direction or another. I had just answering with the truth when I asked myself. I know that if the former spouses agree and tell them lies to the Monsignors that form that court can get to get A nullity sentence according to its convenience. But at no time was anything told me. "

There is also room for his second husband, actor Ramiro Oliveros, father of his third daughter, Iris. They met in 1980 at a party organized by Jean Louis Mathieu at the Santander Casino and they married two years later

Its history lasts to the present. "I, the truth, I do not know if the union of Curro with his current wife is perfect, it does not concern me, I wish you, I did it publicly on television on the same day of your link - that are happy many years. What I know Sobvar is that the Union of Ramiro and I do not suffer from anything because of the fact of not having sanctified it by the Church. And we have almost 32 years of happy marriage, "he says in the book.

I myself is a great compilation of experiences of a past era in which Concha Márquez Piquer becomes the protagonist of a privileged life, with his joys, his sorrows, his filies, his phobias, friends, enemies ... always low The influence of a powerful mother, Doña Concha Piquer.

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