Coronavirus, last minute | The Government announces that it will soon eliminate restrictions to access the terminals of Aena airports

The Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, has announced this Saturday that the Council of Ministers will approve in the coming days that "restrictions on acce

Coronavirus, last minute |
 The Government announces that it will soon eliminate restrictions to access the terminals of Aena airports

The Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, has announced this Saturday that the Council of Ministers will approve in the coming days that "restrictions on access to terminals" are eliminated at Aena airports, thanks to the progressive output of the pandemic.

"We are going to bring these farewells or reception, facilitating access, not only from passengers and staff, but also from escort to terminals," he held.

In addition, Sánchez has insisted that Spain is "in full stage of recovery" of its economy, but believes that the departure of the crisis should be different from others, involving the ecological and digital transition.

Total figures: 4,973,619 Coronavirus cases confirmed with diagnostic test of active infection; There have been 86,778 dead with positive test to October 7.

The Ministry of Health of Italy has reported 46 deaths related to the Coronavirus in the last 24 hours, compared to 30 of the previous day. The daily recount of new infections has fallen to 2,748 from 3,023 on Friday.

Italy has registered 131,274 deaths related to Covid-19 since its outbreak emerged in February last year. It is the second highest figure in Europe after Great Britain and the highest ninth in the world. The country has reported 4.7 million cases to date.

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands has registered 63 new cases of Coronavirus Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, which places the total number of accumulated cases at 95,627, and has not notified deceased.

According to the Regional Executive, there are currently 942 active cases, of which 28 are entered into ICU and 96 remain hospitalized.

The accumulated incidence at 7 days in Canary Islands stands at 17.97 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and at 14 days in 43.98 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The Community of Madrid has notified 371 new cases of Covid-19, of which 258 correspond to the last 24 hours and a deceased in the hospital, according to the report of the epidemiological situation of this Saturday, with data from the previous day.

The number of hospitalized is located in 336 (124 of which is in the ICU), while 43 patients have received the discharge. In addition, there are 603 people who are receiving home medical follow-up.

The Sanitary Authorities of Cuba have confirmed 3,442 new cases of Covid-19 that show the downward trend of daily contagion, after weeks with record of sick and deceased.

The total number of Coronavirus positives in the country is 914,779 people since the pandemic began in March of last year, while the deaths add up to 7,812, 35 of which notified in the last 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Public Health.

In hospitals, privacy centers and private homes are admitted 44,710 people.

The Barcelona Global Health Institute (Isglobal) considers that setting the third dose of the vaccine should only be done when it is scientifically endorsed and sees "unacceptable" that rich countries have dose and expired when there are countries with just 0.2% of its vaccinated population.

"No one will be safe unless everyone is. This affirmation is not only an attractive motto, but reflects the reality of a pandemic caused by a highly contagious disease in a globalized world," says Clear Marín epidemióloga, the Immunologist Adelaide Sarukkan and the analyst Marta rolled, researchers.

The three specialists have published a report entitled 'Vaccine Covid: What consequences does a third dose in global health have?' In which they reflect on the suitability of starting to put third doses of the vaccine, once most rich countries are finalizing the highest vaccination campaign in history, which began at Christmas 2020.

The researchers of the Isglobal affirm that at the beginning of vaccination "it was expected that global health governance mechanisms would allow a relatively equitable distribution of vaccines, but reality has been" very different ".

Thus, they remember that vaccine coverage is "dangerously unequal", with a full vaccination rate in the EU of 62.9% of its population and 77.4% in Spain, one of the most advanced countries regarding the pattern Full vaccinal

The autonomous communities continue to take steps to return to normal prior to the pandemic, so that much of them have raised virtually all restrictions since Saturday, coinciding with the Pilar Bridge in many territories.

Read the full information in the world.

The great Italian operas such as the Scala of Milan or San Carlo de Naples already offer all its capacity for next Monday, when they will finally expire the limitations imposed during the pandemic.

The Italian government approved a decree last Thursday with which the limitations of capacity are eliminated in cinemas, theaters, concert halls or operas, both outdoors and under ceiling.

It will be mandatory, yes, to present the sanitary passport of the Coronavirus, which certifies vaccination, which has happened the disease or that there is a recent negative test.

In this way the historic temples of the 'Bel Canto' are already prepared to re-welcome the public, after months closed in the worst moments of the pandemic, in 2020, and other as many with severe limitations to respect the safety distance.

The first night of the Pilar Bridge, in which for the first time since March 2020 it has been able to dance in Madrid nightclubs, has elapsed without relevant incidents or in the premises nor in the bottle areas, in part by the police presence and in Part because many people have gone from bridge.

Sources of the National Police and the Municipal Madrid have indicated that Friday night and the early Saturday night have been quiet, without relevant problems in the region or in the capital, where the parties of the Pilar neighborhood are celebrated.

The Marathons of Chicago and Boston, two of the great world appointments of this test will be held between Sunday and Monday in an exceptional consecutive sequence, after being canceled last year by the pandemic.

The Coronavirus provoked the cancellation of five of the six large marathons worldwide, which this year has been concentrated in a period of just six weeks.

After the Berlin, held on September 26, and Del London, which took place on October 3; Chicago is scheduled (on its usual date), that of Boston (postponed since April) and New York (November 7).

Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has come back to the prudence and responsibility of citizenship because, although in the Basque country, most restrictions have been suppressed to stop the COVID-19, "we continue to be in pandemic."

Urkullu, after intervening in Bilbao in the act of celebration of the XXV anniversary of the creation of the Basque Family Mediation Service, has attorned for reconcile, in the new scenario without most restrictions for the good evolution of the pandemic, the return to The routine maintaining preventive measures, considering them "absolutely necessary".

According to said, "it is true that we have advanced thanks to the vaccine fundamentally and the maintenance of preventive measures such as the use of the mask, keeping the interpersonal distance in social interaction" and the vaccination of a very high percentage of the Basque population.

Barcelona has registered tonight several bottles, although with less influx as preceding Fridays, on the first weekend of opening the interior of rooms and nightclubs since the pandemic began, in which faults have been registered in the validation system of The Covid certificates.

Sources of the Mossos and the Urban Guard have reported that an important decline in the influx to the bottles has been found, although concentrations have occurred on the beaches, the Born and the Dels Dels Àngels, in the Raval.

The Board of Castilla y León will relax as of next week the prevention measures and the COVID-19 protocols established in the residences of greater and persons with disabilities, coinciding with the dates in which the administration of the third dose of the Vaccine to residents.

The family counselor and equal opportunities of the regional government, Isabel Blanco, has announced questions from journalists that flexibilization to which he had committed to the people who live in these centers and their families.

Next week will be vaccinated with the third dose "practice all residents", except for some exception of people with many pathologies to which the vaccine may not be compatible.

Therefore, family counseling and equal opportunities already work in that flexibility and "as much as possible is that throughout next week" updates the actions guide in the residential centers in which the anticovid measures are set .

Andalusia Registers this Saturday October 9 a drop of seven hospitalized by Covid-19 compared to Friday to be at 224, which represents a decrease of 87 compared to last week, while patients admitted to the intensive care unit ( UCI) have decreased by five to a total of 68, nine less than those notified seven days ago.

This is detailed at the Junta de Andalucía in its daily part of the disease. The 224 hospitalized by Covid-19 are the lowest figure since August 19, 2020.

Russia has registered a new record of deaths by Covid-19 with 968 died on the last day, the maximum since the beginning of the pandemic, as reported by the operating center of combating this disease. Thus, in the last hours in Moscow, 70 patients have passed away and in St. Petersburg, 61.

In terms of registration, the country has notified 215,453 deaths by Covid-19, although official statistics on excess common deaths in the same period triple this figure.

The region of Murcia has registered 42 new positive cases by Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, on a day with a deceased by this cause. She is an 88-year-old woman.

With these data, the death figure since the pandemic began rises to 1,742 in the region.

La Rioja has slightly uploaded its active cases by Coronavirus in the last 24 hours, as it passed from 87 to 92, according to the last recount of the Regional Executive.

For its part, and waiting to have updated data from hospitalized, the cumulative incidence or the deceased, La Rioja had yesterday, Friday, with 7 people entered at the San Pedro de Logroño Hospital, four of them in the ICU.

The Vice-Americag of Public Health and Plan-Covid-19 of the Community of Madrid, Antonio Zapatero, has defended this Saturday that vaccines are "very effective, but it is not 100%".

"When the percentage of vaccination is 0% the income was not vaccinated, now, of those who enter, by statistics, are mostly vaccinated, although it is true that there are people not vaccinated or the incomplete guideline, nothing happens. We knew that the effectiveness was 90-92% and that with the Delta variant went down 70%, "Zapatero explained.

In any case, Zapatero has ensured that this efficiency is not total in vaccines that are used to combat other diseases such as flu.

"The virus has come to stay," has added, and the Covid-19, according to him, "will do a lot of damage to a population group", hence the importance of "identifying that group" and continue with measures Health hygienic who avoid contagions, such as wearing mask and favoring the ventilation of closed spaces.

The Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, has announced that the Council of Ministers will approve in the coming days that "restrictions on access to terminals" are eliminated at Aena airports, thanks to the progressive output of the pandemic.

"We are going to bring these farewells or reception, facilitating access, not only from passengers and staff, but also from escort to terminals," he held.

The Spanish Government has sent Thailand on Saturday a shipment of vaccines against Coronavirus sold at cost price to help the country authorities alleviate their supply shortage.

It is part of a post of 2.7 million vaccines from Pharmaceutical Pfizer and more than 614,000 Astrazeneca that Spanish authorities have decided to sell to Thailand.

The General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health of La Xunta de Galicia has reported this Saturday of 554 active cases of Coronavirus in the region, which represents the lowest figure since August 8, 2020, that is, 14 Months, when he recorded 533 diagnosed contagions.

The contagion curve adds something more than two months of continued daily descent, which began on August 6.

Of the total number of positive patients, 9 are in the ICU, 31 in hospitalization units and 514 in their homes.

The General Directorate of Public Health of the Government of Aragon has notified 52 new cases of Coronavirus, no deceased and 97 recovered, data corresponding to this Friday.

By provinces, 46 new cases and 70 recovered in Zaragoza are accounted for; 5 positive and 16 recovered in Huesca; and 1 contagion and 11 high in Teruel.

Catalonia has registered up to this Saturday, 992,836 confirmed cases accumulated from Coronavirus since the pandemic, 892, rather than Friday, the Generalitat Health Confélleria begins through its website.

In the last 24 hours there have also been two deaths and the total number of deceased since the virus arrived in Spain is 23,929 in the region.

As for patients today entered, the figure is at 349, 56 less than at the last count.

In total, 108 patients are hospitalized in intensive care units (UCI9 from public and private centers, one more than in the last count.

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, has assured this Saturday that we will still have to live with the mask "quite some time" in some environments like the indoor ones, but it has highlighted that this protection can already be removed on the street and doing " Little by little, a more normal life. "

In its appearance during the celebration of the Valencian Community Day, Morant has rejected putting a date for the purpose of the obligation of the mask. "With the rigor that it touches me for being a minister of science, until there is no scientific evidence I can not make affirmations," he said, and stressed that at this time is being studied "the seroprevalence that has immunity in the body of the persons".

This Navarra Friday recorded 28 positive cases of COVID-19 after a total of 1,407 tests, which yields a 2% positivity rate.

These figures represent an increase with respect to the previous day, with 18 contagion and a positivity of 1.3%.

Of the 28 positives recorded yesterday, 15 correspond to Pamplona, where the Barrios de Buztintxuri and Rochapea stand out with 3 each, as well as the town of Villava.

The autonomous communities continue to take steps to return to normal prior to the pandemic, so that much of them have raised virtually all restrictions since Saturday, coinciding with the Pilar Bridge in many territories. Thus, Spain faces a new weekend with more and more regions limiting its measures exclusively to the use of the mask indoors and the recommendation of the personal distance of 1.5 meters.

The low incidence of recent days in Spain, which is below 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days, united to the high percentage of Spanish population with the complete pattern of the vaccine, has caused the autonomous communities to be decided to put End to many restrictions.

Cantabria has registered in the last hours a decline in the number of cases of Coronavirus with 13 new ones, which are 21 less than yesterday, in a day in which all the pandemic indicators except hospitalization continue in decree.

Thus, a new patient has been added and those admitted by Covid are 23, of which four are in the intensive care unit (also one more than the previous day). This supposes an occupation of hospital beds of 1.7%, one tenth, and 3.8% in ICU, almost one more point.

Most of the hospitalized are in Valdecilla -12, including the four of the UCi- and there are also six in Sierrallana and three at Laredo Hospital.

After 20 months and five epidemiological waves, the Coronavirus pandemic is controlled in Spain with an incidence of less than 50 cases, something that allows at this moment relax restrictions and start thinking about normal as desired as unpredictable, as assured Efe the Pedro Guullón epidemiologist.

Although the Coronavirus refers to levels never seen in our country since July 2020, the behavior of the virus during the winter months keeps the experts alert, who appeals to be "attentive" and "pending" of their evolution.

"I find it quite difficult for me that there is no transmission increase, which does not have to mean that the same thing happens in other waves. With so much vaccinated population, it is likely that this increase in the incidence does not reach peaks so high of occupation of beds Hospitables and mortality, "explains Gullón.

This "possible" increased incidence will not have "the same importance" as in the other waves, but forces the experts to warn that, probably, the virus is present for a few more months.

The local police of Seville has evacuated at the past Early 744 people from the inside of five establishments in the Center Center area for different breaches, after making thirteen inspections in leisure premises throughout the night.

In its social networks, the police have reported that over 1:25 hours an establishment located in the Alameda de Hércules was seated by exceeding the permitted capacity (137 people) by 38%, with 189 people evicted from the interior.

At 2:30, at a local street love of God, 32 people were evicted by unureing the establishment closing schedule and provoking discomfort to neighbors, and ten minutes later, on Cartography Street, 105 people were evicted from the interior From an establishment where the Covid19 measures were not respected regarding the use of masks and safety distance.

To avoid the spread of coronavirus indoors, the two-meter physical distancing pattern is not enough without masks, according to an international researchers team. However, the use of an indoor mask can reduce the contamination range of the particles suspended in the air by approximately 67%.

"The obligation to carry a mask and good ventilation are of vital importance to stop the spread of the most contagious strains of the Covid-19, especially during the flu season and the winter months, since there are more people who relate indoors "Affirms Saad Akhtar, an old doctoral student under the supervision of Professor Agus Sasmitito at McGill University, in Canada.

Although most public health guidelines recommend two-meter physical distancing between non-cohabid people, researchers claim that distancing alone is not enough to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Brazil has exceeded 600,000 deaths because of Coronavirus, a figure that reflects the serious crisis lived in the country within the framework of the pandemic, although it has slowed down with the advancement of vaccination.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health has reported 615 deaths lamented in the last day, with which the total number of fatalities has risen, specifically, at 600,425, being the second country to achieve such a figure, after the United States.

The South American giant, who is also the third country in the world with the highest daily average of new deaths - just behind the United States and Russia - has thus recorded a tragic landmark, after June, 110 days ago , exceed the 500,000 threshold died by the Covid-19.

Vaccination against coronavirus produces greater amounts of circulating antibodies than natural infection. But a new study at Rockefeller University (United States) suggests that not all memory B lymphocytes are equal. While vaccination results in memory B lymphocytes that evolve over a few weeks, natural infection gives rise to memory B lymphocytes that continue to evolve over several months, producing very powerful antibodies capable of eliminating even the Viral variants.

The hope of a future without fear of the COVID-19 is reduced to circulating antibodies and memory B cells. Unlike circulating antibodies, reaching their highest level shortly after vaccination or infection and fading a few months later, memory B cells can remain to prevent serious diseases for decades. And they evolve over time, learning to produce more powerful "memory antibodies" that are better to neutralize the virus and more capable of adapting to the variants.

These new findings, published in Nature magazine, highlight an advantage granted by natural infection instead of vaccination, but authors warn that the benefits of more powerful memory B cells do not compensate for the risk of disability and death by Covid-19.

"Although a natural infection can induce the ripening of antibodies with a broader activity than a vaccine, a natural infection can also kill you. A vaccine does not do that and, in fact, protects against the risk of serious illness or death by infection", Affirms Michel C. Nussenzweig, director of the Molecular Immunology Laboratory at Rockefeller University.

Although a natural infection can induce the maturation of antibodies with a wider activity than a vaccine, a natural infection can also kill you. A vaccine does not do that and, in fact, protects against the risk of serious illness or death by infection, "says Michel C. Nussenzweig, director of the Molecular Immunology Laboratory at Rockefeller University

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