Crafts for fall for kids

Boxes crafts for children to not be bored in veranoFormas fun to practice inglésCómo make and decorate Easter eggs with your kids The falling leaves, the patte

Crafts for fall for kids
Boxes crafts for children to not be bored in veranoFormas fun to practice inglésCómo make and decorate Easter eggs with your kids

The falling leaves, the patter of the wind against the windows and the brown tones flooding the streets they are signs of the approaching autumn. With the change of season, comes the time to implement new routines and take advantage of the leisure time in the family with other activities that require less hours of street. What is the best alternative to enjoy with the kids this time of year?

According to Milbby, one of the craft stores largest in Spain, the work done with the hands, especially those that make the school, as an exercise in creative development, they are a great option to say goodbye to the month of September and that more young people face back to school with a renewed enthusiasm.

Patricia Street, head of Marketing and Communication of the company, explains that doing crafts homemade brings "multiple benefits to the kids" . While carrying out this type of activities will increase their ability of concentration, develop your creative side, strengthen your relationship with your family and discover a new alternative of the game that you can enjoy with your friends.

The biggest also earn with the development of this exercise. Abstract from the environment, disconnect from the worries and notice an increase in your joy, are advantages that add to your well-being that occurs on any parent the power to get closer to his children through a series of crafts with them.

An activity for each child

Discovered this fun alternative to the hours spent on the street during the summer season, to know what a craft is designed for what type of child according to the age range in which you are when you sit down to enjoy.

Decopatch (from 3 years). Technique is amazing and very easy to use, it is a fun way that little ones can decorate all kinds of objects. To make decopatch just need a brush, a pot of varnish-glue, paper and a stand to decorate, which can be of plastic, wood or cardboard, among many others.

The technique is very simple: it breaks with the hand, small pieces of paper, apply a thin coat of varnish-glue with a brush glued to the surface that you are going to decorate. Once applied to the paper, re-apply varnish-glue over and overlapping pieces of paper until the surface is completely covered.

Painting for all ages (various products appropriate to their ages). Coloring is a fun activity for children that can be practiced in family. Between two and three years is a perfect time to help them to exploit to the maximum their creativity, little by little the parents can start to draw with your child and go by teaching him how to hold the paints, how to make forms easy to...

The craft may vary depending on the age and materials chosen. The offer is extensive: paper, murals, books, toy animals, dolls, running shoes, t-shirts and backpacks are some of the alternatives that can be chosen. Technical, design, and support are left to the choice of the mini-artist that take the colors.

Pasta of modeling (from age 3). The modeling technique is a relaxing, very creative and develop fine motor skills, the manual dexterity of the children. Different types of masses such as clay, sands, and clays will delight the little ones of the house during the evenings of autumn with your family.

For this craft you just need to paste for modeling and desire to have fun. Stretch, make figures, to recognize textures are just some of the possibilities offered by these materials which have now become fashionable among young people.

card shop and craft with paper (from 2 years). The world of paper and card shop is as vast as the imagination. Cut, paste, fold, add to, remove, the range of possibilities that it puts at the disposal of the children has no end!

Make birthday cards to hand is invaluable to the receiver and to teach this lesson does not have a price. What would the father or the mother without the gift handmade by the little ones of the house to celebrate your special day?

colored Sands (from 3 years). the Last proposal of the chain, is one of the greatest unknown within this list. Ideal to get started in the world of activities, hand-made kits of sand are an original gift with incredible results. To be able to enjoy them at home you only need a adhesive tape of white color drawn, several pots of colored sand, a punch, a brush, and cleaned up an empty pot to mix the colors that you want.

The technique is very simple: decal the drawing on the sheet and cut out with the punch along the lines. Once that's done, go away the various parts and begins to put the colored sand until the surface is completely covered. For a finished round, you can use protective varnish.

Tips for enjoying to the max

That this time together is going to enjoy is a fact, but from Milbby listed several recommendations to make the most of the moments shared.

1. Do not prohibit or limit the project to perform: to leave the sin that you develop for yourself, choose the colors and materials that you want, and motivate you at all times, with positive reinforcement. This will also work their decision-making capacity.

2. Adapt the space where you are going to perform the craft: no matter what the stain or how much space we occupy, provided that it can enable as you want.

3. Do not limit the time for enjoyment of the activity: imagination and creative development cannot be measured in a given time. For this reason we recommend you start these activities at the weekend, with no obligations of work or school for any of the parties.

4. Participation of the environment: parents, guardians and/or family members of the small from rolling over 100% in the development of the activity

5. Preserves the craft once in a visible place: this reinforces the child's self-esteem.

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Date Of Update: 18 September 2019, 09:00

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