Curro Romero, 'The Time Teacher', opens on Canal

Reaches Curro Romero the 88 years the imminent 1 December clear as always. As he has lived and treated the time, from which he owns. For the date it will be

Curro Romero, 'The Time Teacher', opens on Canal

Reaches Curro Romero the 88 years the imminent 1 December clear as always. As he has lived and treated the time, from which he owns. For the date it will be released in Seville, after its passage through the European Film Festival, the movie Curro Romero, the teacher of time. A great gala will wrap the premiere to celebrate the birthday of the Pharaoh of beds that wants to be eternal to keep laughing, "as big as there." Laugh, be happy, make people happy. The film led by Curro Sánchez Varela is full of milestones: sit Romero before a camera with all his shyness on his back, dig in the human essence of myth, finding the Mystery Torero of the man who ever betrayed.

"Curro opens in Canal," Adela Alberto García-Reyes, comender and executive producer of the piece. Another curro, the director, the initial reluctance, the reserves, the protagonist. "We have the help of García-Reyes and Pedro Chicote, who are like their children. One day, past the first wave of Covid, overcome the crisis of his illness and chemotherapy, in June 2020, announced that he felt strong, doubts about the future and the need to leave us his testimony, "says Sánchez Varela. That he recognizes the double focus of the work: to vindicate and enhance a myth and "the intimate need to dissect the human and psychological side of Curro Romero, a person very introverted but deep, incredibly sensitive and intelligent. We knew that if we gave with that key, we were going to find a spring of phrases and emotivity to light the last seven decades ».

"The film is not the biography of Curro, which also" -Retoma García-Reyes. «It is the philosophy of Curro Romero. And that's why he talks about the human side of him to explain why he turned like this and why he has defended that concept of bullfighting, that tauromy. And talks about fear, distances, the sense of measure, silence, failure ... The explanation of bullfighting as art has led us to the Fine Arts Museum of Velázquez and Murillo and He tries to explain its connection With those painters with which it is identified ».

But how is it transmitted to the society of the rush that lives on your back to bullfighting the essence of the teacher of time?: That's what the movie is about. Of one of the great claims of Curro. From the pause, of appreciating the moment, of paving each instant. We all live rushed in the culture of immediacy. We do not even stop to taste the lived. The documentary is a philosophy manual on how to resume time another, "concludes Sánchez Varela.

There is a cast of voices inside the movie that gives it a coral accent. Joaquín Sabina, Andrés Calamaro, Leiva ... and the powerful narration of Juan Echanova. A plural vision. "The testimonies of all the people who have given with all generosity to participate in this documentary enrich it and give it many new perspectives. People from the size of Sabina or Calamaro, so claimed, that they think a lot where they participate, have had an absolute delivery ».

In the first person wears the intrahistory of its history as an hourglass. What was behind chapters who forged a life outside the ring and a legend on them. "Curro Narra himself" - «García-Reyes -" the preparation and what he felt in the famous cumshot of the eight ears with the six bulls of Urquijo in Seville [the Maestranza, 1966], which had a very beautiful reason; When in Madrid he refused to kill that Toro [Madrid, 1967], they enclose him in the dungeons of the General Security Directorate and the next day opens the Great Gate; Or when a man jumped to the ring and assaulted him [sales, 1987] and what was passed inside. " That was the moment of greatest temper -templating the nerves- from the story of the bullfight, having a curro, as he had, the desk in his hand.

Sánchez Varela won a Goya in 2014 by the documentary about his father's figure, Paco de Lucía, another myth of universal dimensions. There is a union underground river. Like that umbilical cord that nourishes flamenco and bullfighting in one and another direction. «There are many links. The sensitivity, the depth, the nuance, the tenderness, the sense of humor and the connection with life are in both characters very well reflected. It is not a show documentary, but an intimate documentary that is slowly cooked. As it also happened with Paco de Lucía, the search. In both cases, the soul is scratched more from what is abounded in the biography of the myth, in a case of music and another of bullfighting. "

Date Of Update: 08 December 2021, 10:11

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