Darko Peric, the giant of 'the paper house' that arrived in Barcelona for a rave after running away from the war

Almost nothing in the life of Darko Peric is governed by order. When he was not even of age, the Balkan war had expelled him from his country; In Romania, w

Darko Peric, the giant of 'the paper house' that arrived in Barcelona for a rave after running away from the war

Almost nothing in the life of Darko Peric is governed by order. When he was not even of age, the Balkan war had expelled him from his country; In Romania, while it was formed as a veterinarian, he discovered interpretation and punk; The Underground of Berlin welcomed him as a tattooler; A Hardcore festival brought him to Barcelona in 2004, left his things in Germany and settled next to the Mediterranean where his manager discovered him on a basketball court, and, suddenly, the paper house became a world star.

"I have always said that I am an international actor, or Spanish or Serbian, I speak six languages and my market is the world. I have never taken this career very seriously, I am actor but I have several lives lived and many professions ». There are a few examples that constitute it: the first job that he agent offered him he rejected him because he was in a rave in the Pyrenees; When he took him for a paper in Cell 211, he was in Serbia visiting his family that he was seven years old without seeing and did not accept it, and said a third not because at that moment they caught him tattooing a colleague.

"It was what he felt at that time," he excused, converted into a star for the paper house, which today premieres in Netflix the first five chapters of his fifth and last season. «One can not get used to this, but in a couple of years people have forgotten, you tell me a series of 2013. And luck that fame touched me with this age because it touches me with 20 years that you think King of the Mambo ... I always compare this with the players, as an actor they love you to entertain, but nobody prepares you for fame, in schools nobody tells you that you can be famous. "

Peric had not been told or at home because when he told his father he wanted to study interpretation, he told him to study "something". That was during the peripplace of him in Romania, where he lived with friends directors of cinema and ended up studying veterinary. He before he had been from the age of 14 in a boarding school. "Since I am 10 or 12 years old, I knew that I wanted to leave my town, I was little and with 14 I went to the city to school. That was worse than the military in hierarchy and abuse, it was a shit. Then we did not call it bullying and you ate, but now you see it with eyes as a father and that violence was not normal. "

That is why now it collaborates in campaigns against harassment in minors. "From time to time I like to get involved in the things that fiber touches me like bullying. A point arrives in which you have to get wet and decide on which side you are because if we are all politically correct, what happens in the world, "she reflects. And that serves Peric to enter the political debate of the nationalisms in the country of origin of it -serbia- and in his current host community -Caterlia.

"Borders and flags do not serve at all, just for closed-minded people to make you feel foreigner. One thing similar to what happens in Catalonia, passed in my country with separatisms, I have always been clear that the union did strength. " As if he brought the slogan prepared to return to the paper house, where he - he is still locked with the rest of the band in the Bank of Spain waiting to take out the booty.

A character that has allowed Peric to leave the episodic papers of Balkan bully in which his career had been immersed. In Crematoria, I know who you are and and even in which it is coming. "Here I had been tucked by my accent and my appearance." In fact, at first, when he saw that Helsinki did not speak at the beginning of the paper house, he thought that the story was going to be repeated. Until he suddenly came from the closet without prior notice. "One day suddenly in the food they tell me that Helsinki is going to leave the closet and I had prepared a criminal of East War, a bully, so it was clear that I could not do crazy. This is not a gay of Modern Family or Aida ».

Again to improvise, a common practice in his life and that in the end he has not left so bad. Thus he ended up arriving in Spain, where he has settled his life for 16 years, at least at the moment, a country that he had associated Pedro Almodóvar and Bigas Luna. "When the war began in Yugoslavia, we stopped seeing the vomiting movies of Hollywood when the Americans enter a country. With Almodóvar and Bigas Luna we discovered European cinema and flip with that. "

And, a few years later, he found himself in the Barcelona of 2004, in full festivities of Gracia, for a Hardcore festival. She stayed and no longer returned up to 10 years later for the things he had left in Berlin. "In Berlin I realized that he had lost time with things of much responsibility as a veterinarian. I respect people with that responsibility, but in this reincarnation I do not have patience. "

In Barcelona, he definitely found the Underground Lifestyle I was looking for. "I never thought it was going to be as famous as I am now, I laughed with my friends from the people who came to record Publis from France and northern Europe and look at me now».

Today is a family father, designs his own album of antifascist songs like Bella Ciao and has assaulted the mainstream with Netflix. At the moment.

Date Of Update: 04 September 2021, 17:58

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