Discomfort in Moncloa with Yolanda Diaz for rising 8-m in front of the order to focus on recovery

Economic recovery, job creation, growth ... are the messages that copy the interventions of the ministers. It is the order that Pedro Sánchez has transferred

Discomfort in Moncloa with Yolanda Diaz for rising 8-m in front of the order to focus on recovery

Economic recovery, job creation, growth ... are the messages that copy the interventions of the ministers. It is the order that Pedro Sánchez has transferred to the ministers of him: absolute priority to economic reactivation, accelerate the activity of the ministries to try to consolidate the economic recovery in a more slowed scenario that the Moncloa foreseen it.

In that strategy, the reflections of Yolanda Díaz diverted all the foci of the economy to return them back to the pandemic. In a radiochable interview, the Vice-Chairperson reported that he saw coming since mid-February 2020, in the "anteroom 8-M", the impact that the pandemic was going to have and notified him within the government, which meant a " Huge controversy, "and that was why it was chopped from" alarmist. "

This description implied implicitly to put the focus on the management of the Moncloa, the PSOE, of the pandemic in the first compass. A stage that the president of the government and his team gave - at least until the appearance of omicron-absolutely overcome and, almost, closed. In the presidential complex, in the socialist sector of the coalition, he has bothered that the Vice President has reopened this wound and given an ammunition to the opposition, overshadowed the good employment data on Thursday.

In the Moncloa they expose that the Government "is centered" in economic recovery and creating employment. There are discomfort. Of course, they strive to stay from doors inside. The official slogan is to show unity, which there is no discrepancy or fissures.

In a scenario where the main institutions -OCDE, European Commission, IMF, Around ...- Rowing the growth forecasts maintained by the Government, employment data on the best November of the Historical Series and almost 20 million Security Affiliates Social - were the lever on which the executive wanted to articulate this positive horizon strategy.

«What the Government of Spain did was to be at the forefront of our country and give an answer under the criteria of science, experts and health authorities," was the response message that launched the executive spokesman, Isabel Rodríguez, After the Council of Ministers.

The PP will go to the Prosecutor's Office if Congress does not investigate if it was "hidden"

The Government has already begun to celebrate two meetings a week, after Peter Sánchez transfers to his cabinet the need to intensify the work to move that the executive is eager to fulfill his commitments, both with Brussels and with citizens, in Referring to reforms and recovery.

"We can boast of having done a good management," oppose in the Government, that it clings to WHO to deactivate the blurred blur by Diaz.

At the beginning of November, the WHO Regional Director for Europe, Hans Kluge, visited Spain, where he released a congratulatory message "by his leadership in the response to the Covid 19 pandemic. It is the government's asset to deactivate the controversial of the 8-m resurrected by Diaz, although it should be remembered that at the beginning of the pandemic, when it had not yet been officially shot in Spain, the executive discouraged several warnings and recommendations of WHO itself.

The Second Vice President of the Government tried yesterday to deactivate the controversy, trying to send a message, in line with the one who defends the socialist sector: "We have been exemplary in the management of the pandemic, despite having difficulties and without supporting support Save lives and employment. My country is an example of the management of the pandemic and the vaccination process ».

Diaz described the controversy of "artificial controversy" driven by the PP. Precisely the popular ones are determined to attend the prosecution if Congress does not investigate whether the Government "hid" the severity of the pandemic. If the PSOE, united we can and its partners block that prosperes, the PP will come to the prosecution so that it is the one to investigate it.

This was announced by the leader of the PP, Pablo Married. "We will request that the Open Prosecutor Open Diligence against Public Responsibles who have been able to hide information and that have delayed the measures," he said in a statements in Cyprus, where he maintained a meeting with the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadi.

"We must do justice," he warned Married, who stressed that the delay in decision-making "could cause the death and contagion of thousands of Spaniards."

The Popular Leader insisted on the requirement that it is the Congress who assumes research on the information that the government then handled and what was their response with that data in hand, in case "hid" the severity of the situation for not hindering Manifestations for women's day, on which PSOE and united we can actively call each other.

"It is necessary to give clarity about these issues," the leader of the main opposition party stressed.

Negotiation. The Open Negotiation Channel between the Government and the PP to renew the institutional bodies is stopped. The General Council of the Judiciary and a possible covenant has been cooled in the last weeks.

Timed out. The vowels of the Judiciary now fulfill three years with their expired mandate.

Distance. Sources of the Executive pointed out yesterday that there is no progress in this matter and referred to the criticism launched yesterday by Pablo Married, to exemplify the distance with the government and the distance of a possible agreement.

Updated Date: 04 December 2021, 16:44

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