Everything can change on the 2nd of December

why is it always governs the PSOE in Andalusia? Susana Díaz invoked the accent andalusian to call elections, but the parties have become autonomous in a few g

Everything can change on the 2nd of December

why is it always governs the PSOE in Andalusia?

Susana Díaz invoked the accent andalusian to call elections, but the parties have become autonomous in a few general elections. Not in vain, it is the first appointment with the ballot boxes after the motion of censure and the relay to the front of the PP.

"from the day 2 everything can change in Andalucia and Spanish politics". That is the impression of all the political leaders, starting with the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez. The parties have converted the autonomous community of andalusia for the second day of December in general election. Susana Diaz called upon the color and the accent andalusians when he called to the polls, but does not believe it nor will she. The color, the flavor and the accent of the 2-D are typical of a general election. And that's that the majority of the andalusians, according to the CIS survey made public this week, ensure that when you go to vote take into account, above all, the issues of Andalusia. It is not as well how to face the campaign of the different political formations. At the rallies, and acts of election is spoken of, above all, of the Spanish policy.

Because, effectively, things can change. As they changed in the last elections in andalusia, held in march of 2015, the first of which broke we Can and Citizens. In that election campaign, Pedro Sánchez said in Almeria Susana Díaz, an act full of emotional tension: "Susan, you're in San Telmo and I was in The Moncloa". The prediction of the secretary-general socialist, which was by then almost esoteric, has ended to be fulfilled. She is in San Telmo, he in The Moncloa. So the two socialist leaders who are more viciously have fought in the past few years, are now presented together because the goals supporters are a solid glue. After a defeat against forecast and humiliating in the primary in front of Sanchez, Diaz sought refuge in Andalusia, where the PSOE has managed to identify with the community in much the same way that nationalists in other historic communities - and the day 2 will have the opportunity to remove that thorn. Unlike the PP at the national level, the corruption that has hit the PSOE in andalusia has not lost the status of the party with the most votes.

In campaign events, they talk, above all, of the Spanish policy

The victory of Diaz that portend all the polls will be interpreted by Pedro Sanchez as a genuine issue of trust for him and his Government, battered by the instability and other storms, six months after taking possession after ousting prime minister, Mariano Rajoy through a vote of no confidence. The andalusians are the first spaniards who are going to vote in the polls about this motion of censure, that both PP and Citizens find little legitimate by the support of the party of independence. Things are going to change for Susana Díaz also, as in the horizon -not enough majority to rule on any poll - is drawn to the need to be understood with we Can. A novelty no doubt to the socialist leader of andalusia, who has ruled for almost four years with the parliamentary support of Citizens, and in combat with the leader of we Can, Teresa Rodriguez. The PSOE in andalusia is hermanará of this form with the PSOE national, which governs Spain in alliance with Pablo Iglesias. The elections in andalusia could be a breather also for Can, whose role in Spanish politics has experienced a remarkable twist. It's not about assaulting anything, but being the loyal partner of a socialist Government.

The hour of truth has sounded, very soon to be Married. Perhaps too

things will change also for the parties that aspire to end 40 years of hegemony by the socialists in Andalusia. Although it has been only four months in office, the hour of truth has sounded very soon for the new president of the PP, Paul Married. Perhaps too soon. Assuming that there will be a before and an after of the 2-D, Married, has decided to run for the elections in andalusia. Leaving the candidate regional, Juanma Moreno, in a second plane, the leader of the PP has moved to live in Andalucia in the election campaign. At the rate of six daily acts. Is putting candles to the Virgin, stroll through a market or rallies that you try to convince the andalusians that Susana Díaz, and Pedro Sanchez are siamese and are united by a collaboration unworthy with pro-independence supporters and enemies of Spain. Married and the candidate Moreno kept the type face of the calamities that are predicted for the PP in these andalusian. From a sorpasso of Citizens to the emergence of Vox in the Parliament. The latter would be a true tragedy. The self-willed leaders of the PP -what remedy - point to the miracle that their votes added to those of Citizens allow it to unseat the Government, Susana Díaz. To please Paul Married play up to the expectations. Low expectations in this case. If the PP is in front of Citizens, even losing votes and seats, almost may be held by the party's new leadership as a victory. The current panic that three years ago went to the PSOE at the push of Can is identical to the one now engulfing the PP before the chances of being overtaken for second place by Citizens.

expectations are the key to the future of Citizens in the Spanish policy after the 2-D. unlike the PP, the expectations of Albert Rivera are high. In such a way that if this formation fails to stay ahead of the PP in votes and seats, the result could well be interpreted as a failure, as much as Citizens progress in the andalusian Parliament. Both the PP and the PSOE have located Citizens as the piece to beat in the campaign. While at the rallies for the PP Rivera is an accomplice of the PSOE, the PSOE Rivera is an appendix of the PP.

According to the criteria of

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Updated Date: 19 November 2018, 20:01

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