From a town of 100 inhabitants to the Elite, the path of Jorge de Fruits: It is very humble

In a pediment stuck to the church of the tiny village of Navares de Enmedio, in Segovia, he hit a ball until he was 15 years old Jorge de Frutos (1997), Ex del

From a town of 100 inhabitants to the Elite, the path of Jorge de Fruits: It is very humble

In a pediment stuck to the church of the tiny village of Navares de Enmedio, in Segovia, he hit a ball until he was 15 years old Jorge de Frutos (1997), Ex del Rayo Majadahonda, EX of Real Madrid Castilla and now player of the Levante, That he shares his rights with the Madridista group at 50%. In the Municipality Segoviano, which has only 91 inhabitants According to the last study of the National Institute of Statistics, they still run their Bar Faustino and María Jesús, parents of the young front, away from the sporting success of their son and members of that 'Empty Spain' that fills the national territory from north to south.

So empty that, a decade ago, the fruits teenager had to ask his aunt from Madrid to buy a football boots and take them to the town because the nearest store was one hour and had no way to go. The parents of him, also ranchers and farmers, barely had time for the boy's football desires. Those Adidas Predator served the young man to play his first games and begin to draw the attention of the surrounding clubs. El Cantalejo, the Sepúlveda ... everything quite close to home, until a friend of the family, in those blows of luck who need the footballers at some point in his life, took it to Madrid to make several tests on different teams Juveniles of the community.

He tried in the Alcorcón, in the Adarve ... and he selected the Majadahonda Ray, who had Antonio Iriondo as a talent sensor. "Many principles lacked, many things about football because he had not played, but he had speed," the coach told the world. "He had an introverted character and in a football where people live more out, we thought he could be worth. The first year he suffered because he had some scenic fear and left fast, but he was overcoming that psychological part that he did not let him surrender and Next year was already one of the best team. "

From fruits then left his parents in town, he moved to the house of an Aunt his in the Aluche neighborhood and began an express career that in five years has taken him to the Elite of Spanish football. Between stockings, a lot of work to instill basic football concepts and to calm a game style too fast. "He lacked pause in the game and it occurred to me, among the different methods that one can do, who heard classical music and that he realized the space between note and note," says Iriondo, who admits he does not know If it was the music or something else, but the young Jorge took the jump.

The Segovian, who has already hallucinated when he was facing Santander's Racing in second B, is now coded with the best footballers of the league, it sounds more and more for an important transfer and listens, calmly, that Madrid does not lose him from View for your first team. Today (22:00 hours) He will have in front of the man with whom everyone compares to him: Lucas Vázquez. Another boy who left a small town, Curtis, in A Coruña, almost 4,000 inhabitants, and who jumped to Madrid with 16 years to play in Valdebebas. He grew up in the castile, as a fruits, and went to Espanyol before convincing the Madridian managers that he had a place next to the best.

That tries a fruits, one of the revelations of last season with the Levante: four and goals and ten assists in league. Before the end of the course, it seemed that there were some options that the white club recovered, but Lucas's last last segment made a renewal that seemed complicated. Despite everything, fruits sounds around Spain and Europe. Getafe, Seville and Nice have been interested in him, but the Levante, who would only receive half of the money from the transfer, is still detracted from him and a new contract is thought. The clause of it: 30 million.

"It's a very humble guy and that's why he learns at a lot of speed. One of his main qualities is that every day he learns a little more," explains Iriondo, who knows him from adolescent. "He takes care of himself and has incredible genes, I was glad it went to the lift because they have a great coach, he has managed to understand and has given him depth to the team, it is fast, goes to spaces and does not ask for the ball to the foot, he works Much ... and I do not have the data, but it must be one of those who run more than 25 kilometers per hour. "

But, in the background, what is most characterized by fruits, which keeps his girlfriend all life, is humility. "He will win whatever it is and will remain the boy from a town of 100 inhabitants of Segovia, he is a kid out of the ordinary." Said and done.

Date Of Update: 22 August 2021, 06:21

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