Glenn Youngkin: to buy codorníu to new governor of Virginia

Was it a 2024 essay? If you see from that perspective, what happened in Tuesday's elections in the United States seems to indicate that this country is passi

Glenn Youngkin: to buy codorníu to new governor of Virginia

Was it a 2024 essay? If you see from that perspective, what happened in Tuesday's elections in the United States seems to indicate that this country is passing the page of both trumpism and anti-trumpism representing Joe Biden and, above all, the Democratic left wing. The Democratic Party took a symbolic bump, whose dimensions grew the more to the left their candidates were. The Republican opposition obtained a very important moral victory in the face of the legislatives of 2022 and the presidentials of 2024. As happened in the elections of a year ago, the centrists who have won. And, if in 2020 that trend favored the Democrats, now the Republicans have been the biggest beneficiaries.

That is the first reading of the elections. But there is a second vision: For the first time since 2016, the country showed that it is moving outside the orbit of Donald Trump. The two great winners of the night were two neophytes in politics: the Republicans Glenn Youngkin, in Virginia, and Jack Ciattarelli, in New Jersey. The latter, in fact, could have won morally, simply losing for the minimum in elections in which, according to the polls, he was going to be defeated for nothing less than eight points.

Both have achieved their excellent results with campaigns in which they have kept distances with Donald Trump, something very unusual so far, given that it was considered that, for a Republican, not supporting the former president was a political death sentence. Although it is rushed to announce it, perhaps these elections have shown that the Republicans are starting to leave behind the 'trumpism' a year after its defeat at the national urns.

More problematic, however, is that situation for the Democrats, since 'bidenism' could be starting to collapse just twelve months after winning at the polls, and with only nine in the White House. The Democratic candidate, Terry Mcauliffe, raised the elections as a referendum about Trump nine months after Trump left the White House. And, to the surprise of him, he found that voters reject the Democratic Party rather than former president. The elections, in addition, will recruit the Democratic Civil War between the left wing and the centrist sector.

If Republicans have been able to disconnect from Trump at a personal level, although from the point of view of the political agenda, its program is similar to that of the former president, the Democrats have not articulated a proposal, perhaps by its own internal divisions. The Republican Party has played - and has won - the letter of values. It has been opposed to changes in school curricula to give more importance to racial tensions in the US. And has defended the freedom of the parents to decide if their children are vaccinated against the Covid-19, and of the companies to allow employees who have not been immunized attend their workplaces. This is how an unknown Executive Director of the Fund of Private Equity Carlyle - with which he directed the purchase of Codorníu in 2018 for 390 million euros - as Youngkin, without any experience in politics, has managed to defeat a man who has been three decades occupying headlines like McAuliffe.

The result is that, the Democrats have lost everything in a state in which they had the monopoly of power. The Republicans have won the position of governor, that of Attorney General - that is, the maximum responsible for the State Judicial and Police System -, have achieved the majority in the Assembly of Delegates - one of the two Chambers of the Legislative - and have won The position of deputy governor who, in addition, becomes occupied by an African-American, Winsome Sears, who campaigned with posters in which he appears with a semiautomatic weapon that seems taken from Afghanistan. The victories of her go beyond Virginia. In Pennsylvania, they have been made with the control of the Supreme Court of the State, which is selected in a popular vote. In the state of Washington, in the northwest of the country, they have achieved for the first time in three decades some results that can not be followed by the word "debacle".

In contrast, the Black Lives Matter movement and the so-called 'Democratic socialists' have suffered defeat after defeat. The most important, in the city of Minneapolis, where he had ripped the wave of protests and looting that ravaged the country by 2020 when the white policeman Derek Chauvin strangled to death the African American George Floyd. There, the proposal to dismantle the police department and replace it by another civil security was rejected in referendum for 14 points.

More impressive was what happened in the industrial city of Buffalo, in the state of New York. There, the Socialist India Walton had defeated the current regidor, the centrist Byron Brown, in Democratic primaries to the mayor's office. Yesterday, however, there were more people who wrote the name 'Byron Brown' on their ballot that voted by Walton. The centrist, so, continues. Something similar happened in the leftist city of Seattle, headquarters of Amazon companies, Microsoft, and Starbucks, where the entire Democratic left, including those who defended the abolition of the police in the style of the referendum in Minneapolis, was annihilated.

Updated Date: 04 November 2021, 00:29

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