Gloria Camila lashes against Fidel Albiac in it is already eight

Gloria Camila, a regular collaborator of 'ARE already eight' has decided to end its sweeter version about his sister Rocío Carrasco and on the 'Montealto' s

Gloria Camila lashes against Fidel Albiac in it is already eight

Gloria Camila, a regular collaborator of 'ARE already eight' has decided to end its sweeter version about his sister Rocío Carrasco and on the 'Montealto' series. After the emission of the DocuSerie 'Rocío, tell the truth to follow alive' has had a conciliatory attitude, but on Monday he has pointed out his point of view in the program presented by Sonsoles Onega, claiming that she lived other different things to her sister.

Gloria has remembered one more day that she only had new years when Rocío Jurado died. Obviously because of his age he could not be with her in the hospital, nor take care of her during her illness, but she also felt her loss, just like '' The Master '', that is, José Ortega Cano, her husband at the time of her death, as well as his brother José Fernando.

The actress and collaborator recalled that his brother and she lost a mother for the second time. "The pain we all have it and had a bad time," explained Gloria Camila.

We do not just know if the reference made Carrasco Rocío to 'The Master' was to Ortega Cano, but for Gloria Camila there is a teacher worse than his father and it is not another that Phildel Albiac.

Then he has added: "For me his influence is negative, he was heading to us [referring to his brother José and her] as: the immigrants and made some very derogatory comments about my father ... once I wonder what age he had because he had He said he was for drag. "

Gloria Camila found him complicated to hear the justification of his sister's words in the second installment of 'Montealto'. "The theme of the brothers is absurd, when I said that I would have liked to have many I mean my mother and my father, when I was little, when Gloria Camila and José Fernando come to my life I am twenty-old, I have two children and the relationship It's different, "he says. "I was referring to when I was little, I would have liked to be surrounded by children to play."

Rocío Carrasco affirmed in the first 'Montealto' program that has not failed his brothers: "When I had to be with them, I have been," he has stuck. "My mother and father had died and I was living what I was living, I could not even with me."

Gloria has replicated those affirmations from her sister: '' At that time I was nine years old, I had also lost my mother. I went with my father who was dead of pain. '' And she has added: '' She was wrong and she still was a while with us, but she then went away from her. ''

Then he told his own experience, before being part of the Ortega Jury family: '' Joseph and I have also had a complicated childhood. I was 3 years old and my brother had six when they left us in an orphanage. When my mother died [Rocío Jurado] was the second time we left without anyone. We also have our pain. The pain all have it all. I think that when there is love it is done everything easier. ''

And perhaps the most complicated moment has occurred when referring to the current husband of his sister: Fidel Albiac. '' There is another version that has not been in charge of telling me or trying to see me another story. It seems that collaborators of this chain as Alejandra Rubio knows more than me. If, when referring to the teacher, he talked about my father, I think she has one in her life that, sometimes, is worse than mine, and is Fidel. ''

To the questions of his colleagues about whether Fidel was a negative company he has answered Rotound: '' For me it was negative . '' Offensive comments to my father and deroges that make it clear what is. He referred to us as immigrants. I have also lived things and I know things that have told me people from my trust '', she added, although she has also made it clear that she had not heard it, directly, from her's mouth.

Finally, Gloria Camila has shown that she is no longer a nine-year-old girl, and she has directed her sister Rocío, Mediaset and the TV factory to warn them that if they showed documents that were not the ones who had to contribute Rocío before the court with his first demand, he would return to court, and on this occasion it would be a 'criminal' claim.

Undoubtedly, there are still many wounds for healing in this family.

Date Of Update: 07 February 2022, 19:02

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