The True Mirabel Madrigal of the film Charm: Colombian, with glasses and former tourist guide

Since the day of its premiere, on November 26, charm has been one of the most commented movies on Twitter. However, that does not mean that tubers liked it ..

The True Mirabel Madrigal of the film Charm: Colombian, with glasses and former tourist guide

Since the day of its premiere, on November 26, charm has been one of the most commented movies on Twitter. However, that does not mean that tubers liked it ... and is that according to criticism, charm has a remarkable production and a high quality entertainment. However, media like Entertainment Weekly have cataloged it as "undressable" and with a level of music that "not passionate". In fact, the second week of January, China reported that charm continued without conquering its audience and could be cataloged as a resounding commercial failure. Despite this, the film did you like in Latin America, where it continues in the most seen ranking of Disney +. A surprise that, according to some portals, would have a single explanation: the ability of children to identify with Mirabel, the protagonist.

[Spoiler alert!] In charm, Mirabel Madrigal is part of a magic family, in which all his blood relatives have exceptional talents. Except her, who - rather than the age in which she, supposedly, would receive a gift - does not receive any miracle. That is, unlike her close to her, she does not have super force, she can not cure injuries or grow flowers. Even so, much the people think that Mirabel is extraordinary: she is kind, affectionate, empathetic and intelligent. As the Colombian press has described Alejandra Espinosa Uribe, a former tourist guide of Barichara, whom the directors took as an inspiration to create Mirabel. Moreover, Alejandra is not only psychologically similar to the character, but also in the physical characteristics of it. As in her curly hair and the emblematic glasses of her.

According to the Colombian newspaper time, the life of Alejandra Espinosa changed the day at which the directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush - in the company of the musician Lin-Manuel Miranda - arrived to the Santander region to look for the idea of a movie. There Alejandra was his guide. She taught them the geography, the history of the peoples, the legends of the people and, without thinking that she would convince the filmmakers, those of Disney decided to make a film about Colombia. The same as, soon, spiny advice. According to her words, a month after the meeting with Howard, Bush and Miranda, a letter came to her house in Barichara, which offered to be the "Consultant of History and Culture of Charm". A proposal that could sound overwhelmed. However, Espinosa had learned from research with her mother, historian Diana Uribe, and she had great experience as a writer.

"To begin, I wanted them to understand that Colombian history is the conjunction of three historical roots: Afro, indigenous and Hispanic. We also talk about magical realism and about wonderful real. What García Literature Márquez or Alejo Carpentier , which is telling ourselves from our own vision of the world. On the other hand, the film, could be located at the beginning of the twentieth century, so it had to recreate a time. That's why I had to go to the National Museum, to the Museum of suits and the National Library to look for old photos. In the National Museum there was an exhibition on the 1,000-day war, the conflict, how the peoples were seen at that time. And for that I did a presentation of 120 slides, which He became famous in Disney, "explained Espinosa in an interview last year.

Also, Alejandra has revealed that it was she who taught the animators to imitate the way of speaking about Colombians. His ways of gesturing, moving his mouth, moving. "For example, Mirabel's movements are based on videos in which I spoke. They took my videos to see how we gestured," she has recognized. In spite of that, she never dared to think that the main character would be based on the way of being of her, to walk and in her physical features. "At the beginning I do not dimension my resemblance, when they showed me the costume, I said 'what cool I have glasses ... and the glasses look similar to mine and have a little movie," but I never tied up. Then, when it came out The trailer, my boyfriend told me 'Look, you turned a little person', and I like 'not ...'. But everyone said: 'They are equal! "" He confessed to time.

And how did he find out, finally, spiny that she was Mirabel? The same producers of Disney confirmed it. "It was the directors who, in a zoom, they told me," Hey, was that you helped inspire Mirabel 'and I' what? 'I could not dimension it. Although when I went to the premiere I decided to go with the typical skirt. From Vélez, as if to take a tribute. But it's not like I say 'I'm Mirabel', but I inspired her and she has a little bit of my soul. From gestures, crespites and attitude, "he says. But, unlike Mirabel, Alejandra has not decided to take over her family or move to a magic house. Espinosa has decided to live a much calmer life and, two years ago, she opened her own entrepreneurship in Barichara. "It's a bookstore. The first in 314 years of history and the only one in 100 kilometers around," she says proudly.

Date Of Update: 07 February 2022, 19:49

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