Is not a famous, it is a fraud

In recent years, 'influencers' marketing has become an essential aspect within this sector, since many companies are considered to have personalities to promo

Is not a famous, it is a fraud

In recent years, 'influencers' marketing has become an essential aspect within this sector, since many companies are considered to have personalities to promote their products in order to attract new customers and increase sales.

However, sometimes occurs in which companies give their confidence to these 'influencers' to be their brand image and their result is negative because these personalities have false profiles in their social networks.

According to a Hypeauditor report called 'The state of influence marketing', only 40% of active content creators around the world "is free of different forms of fraud, such as the purchase of followers or feedback paid."

That means that more than half of people who claim to be 'influencers' have incurred some occasion in a deception of any kind, either with the followers of their personal and professional accounts or with clients.

With the aim of detecting these fraud, 'La Caja Company' has exposed a series of key aspects that can serve as useful to companies when it comes to hiring the promoters of their brands and revealing if it is really 'influencers' real .

How to detect the 'Fake' accounts

First, this content marketing agency mentions the 'automated' bots', the type of fraud most usual in these cases. These are programs enabled to interact on social networks as if it were a real person who gave 'like', shared or commented.

Another of the most frequent scams in digital marketing refers to the purchase of followers. This fraud is to pay people to create a community of 'Followers' that support the credibility of the profiles of the alleged 'influencers'.

Even though this is one of the most difficult aspects to control, the most effective method to discard a false profile is to perform a measurement of the 'I like'. According to 'La Caja Company', a clear example of 'Fake' is the one that brings together 100,000 followers but in its publications as soon as it has a score of 'likes'.

Another one of the tactics most used by the false 'influencers' is the creation of groups of 'engagements'. Although in this case they are people who manage these accounts, who interact really, these exchanges do not have a real value because the alleged influential individual has no relation to said groups.

In addition to the relationship between the 'followers' and the reactions, comments or reproductions, a profile demonstrates to be false when it suddenly ascends its number of followers. This suggests that they have not been added by their own will, but have been purchased.

Along with the behavior of the administrators of these accounts' Fake ', it corresponds to monitor that of the people who are on their followers' lists. Generally, the location of the audience usually coincides with the one of the alleged 'influencer'. In this way, those profiles that have followers of contrary countries or nationalities, are usually fraudulent.

Fundamental steps

'The Company' box has warned that 'influencers' fraud is an important risk factor for brands, which before hiring should take into account a series of minimum requirements.

The investigation of its audience, the request for references on that person and the use of specific tools to measure their degree of influence are three of the essential aspects when moving on with the collaborative process.

It is also advisable to review your activity history, that is, see how long you have been publishing, review if you have profiles on other social networks and the number of followers with which you count on each of them. In addition, it is advisable to investigate the brands with which you have previously worked, and even search for your name on Google.

Being a victim of a false 'influencer' can have serious consequences: from economic losses to the loss of credibility or confidence of customers in that brand or company that has counted on these people to promote their services.

Updated Date: 18 October 2021, 05:51

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