Joao Felix's anger with ... Simeone?: Always the same, always the same!

When Héctor Herrera and Joao Felix were held in Mestalla, the matter seemed dabbled. The presence of the Mexican and the Portuguese seemed a simple procedure

Joao Felix's anger with ... Simeone?: Always the same, always the same!

When Héctor Herrera and Joao Felix were held in Mestalla, the matter seemed dabbled. The presence of the Mexican and the Portuguese seemed a simple procedure to take the closure to a party who believed to have solved between Griezmann and Vrsaljko. Everyone was wrong. Also the part of the public that abandoned their seat with that change. I had never given such a wide advantage an Atlético de Simeone. In fact, it seemed like a sin that was already part of an almost banished story of memory (it happened for the last time in 2005, before Mallorca). However, Hugo Hard appeared in those eternal minutes of added time and the victory slipped between his hands to the Rojiblancos. Same as 10 days ago at the Ciutat de Valencia, just four kilometers away, when a polemic penalty threw down the castle of cards. This tie, without a doubt, escue much more.

Nothing more to complete Hugo Hard his double, just 10 minutes after that double change, the camera focused Joao Felix, who ran his gaze to the bench. From the lips of him seemed to sprout a: "Always the same, always the same!". An explosion of rage by an indigesting tie that bestages defeat. With him they will have to coexist until the coup of selections. In that time lapse, with Joao and Herrera newly landed on the grass, there was a conquest that the athletic thought he had in his pocket. Because nobody expected that Simeone and the boys of him happen to him what ever had happened to them. That a team was able to overcome two goals.

"For me, and I have told my players, they have made an extraordinary match. 85 wonderful minutes. The coach was wrong and the team lost (two points) because of the coach," Simeone confessed before the Cameras of Movistar, RECEOMING THOSE 85 minutes. Herrera and Joao Felix entered Paul and Luis Suárez, respectively, at minute 87. Without the Mediocentro Argentino in the Medulat, Valencia pounced on the athletic's neck. The only thing Joao could do at that time was to launch a shout of impotence to the bench, while hard and the colleagues celebrated the tie.

That dynamite-proof solidity, a hallmark of the Defense Rojiblanca, it seems thing of the past. There are seven goals in the last four league matches (he threw the bolt to his goal against Betis, last Sunday), for a total of 13 in 12 days. They are six so many embedded on the four nights of Champions and five in the two assaults before Liverpool. Since May 8, with that draw zero at the Camp Nou, Oblak does not return to Madrid imbatized. There are seven consecutive encounters at first receiving some scratch away from home. Three more adding the champions' league.

The return of Stefan Savic was not enough, absent in Liverpool, behind. On the contrary. Al Montenegrino made a break the fortune. First with that clearance of his friend Oblak who ended up bouncing on his body to become the first goal of Valencia. And, in that Fatidic Minut 96, having to observe less than a meter how Hugo Hard nodded a heroic equalized that unleashed the madness in the stand of Mestalla and the impotence in the Rojiblanco sector. Simeone received the Dentllada supporting his head on the cover of his bench.

It was not a defeat, but he did know as such. He expressed it in hot Koke, Captain Rojiblanco, on foot of lawn, with phrases that distil a touch of general attention: "We have to feel what we do in the matches. We are tied for lack of attention." "We have to be more attention, they can not tie us like this." "Many of the goals that we are put on a standing ball, we must be alive, today is as if we had lost." "We are going to come well to all disconnect because it has not been a good month."

Of little served Antoine Griezmann's best game from his return. He participated in the three goals, taking out his tuxedo in a second for the memory. He stole Hugo Guillamón, led to the race for 50 meters and ended up stamping his signature on the squad with a left-hander, at the watchful look of Diakhaby. The Frenchman, as a good part of his colleagues, believed that the duel was solved.

Because Luis Suarez had previously annotated his seventh goal of the season (14th al Valencia). Because Sime Vrsaljko, condemned to the bench as long as Kieran Trippier is operative, found himself with his first both in Liga and Rojiblanco. And he found a handful of minutes for the injury in the left shoulder of the English lateral, newly dawn the party. The medical part: Left acromioclavicular subluxation.

And Simeone, with his head and heart at a thousand revolutions, after experiencing a comeback in his own meats, insisted again: "It was a great party, with 80-85 minutes very good. With great personality. Unfortunately, today we are wrong" . Until the 20th, in front of Osasuna in the Metropolitan, he will not have an opportunity to try to get the spine.

Updated Date: 07 November 2021, 14:41

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