Masks on the outside: It has not been a containment measure in the sixth wave

Without masks on the outside. In less than a week, Spaniards will return to the outdoor preventive measure. "Rectifying is of wise", says Manuel Franco, s

Masks on the outside: It has not been a containment measure in the sixth wave

Without masks on the outside. In less than a week, Spaniards will return to the outdoor preventive measure. "Rectifying is of wise", says Manuel Franco, spokesman for the Spanish Society of Public Health and Health Administration (SESPAS). To what Jesus Molina Cabrillana, spokesman for the Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Hygiene (SEMPSPH), he adds that "he has to remove it because it has been seen that it has not been a measure of containment in the sixth wave. We said that It did not make sense to use them on the outside. "

Carolina Darias, Minister of Health, announced yesterday that next Monday an interioritory council will take place to communicate to the autonomies the decision to raise the obligatory nature of the mask abroad. The next day, on Tuesday, the Royal Decree Rule will be drafted in the Council of Ministers shall be drafted as of December 22, 2021 and that, "if everything goes well," it will come into force two days later, 10 of February, once it is published in the BOE. All this after an 'absurd' extension on February 1st.

In the last autonomic sanitary, held on Wednesday this week, several communities put on the table the debate of the use or not of the outdoor mask. The Community of Madrid reiterated the need to raise the obligation of its outdoor employment. She joined Galicia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León. On the other hand, Cantabria, La Rioja and Andalusia spoke against.

From December 22 to today there have been 4,629,558 Official Contagues and 5,298 deceased. Experts emphasize that "this measure never made sense and only served to show that we were in a high transmission situation." In this sense, Molina Cabillana recalls that "we are still in the same situation. So we must remember that we must put the focus on the interiors, which is where the outbreaks are produced."

Franco hopes that it becomes the June norm, "stop using them outdoors helps to alleviate the general hartazogy of citizenship, gives it a rest point. We know that where the contagion is given is in the places closed, badly ventilated and With high occupation ".

The first standard that made the use of masks mandatory was the Royal Decree Law 21/2020, published on June 9, 2020 and a few weeks later, the law with another Royal Decree-Law 13/2021, of June 24 . And again the same formula was used to re-force its use outdoors last December.

The first time you relaxed the use of outdoor measure was before the Fifth Ola, in the month of June. Then, it was legislated that it was not necessary in external spaces, provided that it remains a distance with other people at least 1.5 meters (unless they are cohabid). "This is to use common sense: in high-transmission situations of the virus [we continue quite the maximum risk of the traffic light with an incidence at 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants of 2,299.44 cases] whether interiors or exteriors in which there are agglomerations The use of masks, "says Molina Cabrillana.

At that time, the Health Holder explained that "we have only eliminated the obligation of mask in those (situations) where we know there is less risk of transmission." But those same circumstances were those that argued in the month of December to recover it outdoors. In December she alluded to pass that there were scientific studies in which she supported her decision.

Thus, one of the health reports on the transmission of SARS-COV-2 that has hosted on the web, such as technical documents, "The risk of this transmission increases in the short distance, in closed and crowded environments, especially badly ventilated, And if activities are carried out that increase the generation of aerosols such as physical exercise, talk high, scream or sing. "

Prior to this collective report of July 2021, another was published in March, effectiveness of preventive measures for transmission control, which differs between closed and open sites, but is highlighted that external transmission is possible. When? The technicians on this occasion detail the following assumptions: "In these spaces, a mask should also be carried away and keep interpersonal distance, since, although the risk of transmission is considerably reduced abroad, there have also been contagious and outbreaks in air meetings Free, these have occurred, especially at events such as the patron and celebrations of wedding or outdoor wedding or birthday where most people did not wear masks. "

Spain is part of the few countries that have not been lazy in the use of the mask. In addition to interior employment obligation, with the caveat of the hospitality, also in public transport, here is used in the outdoor events, football stadiums and concerts, and in every situation that implies that outdoors is not I can save the metro and a half distance. In addition, in our country, schoolchildren of six years onwards use the mask during the time they remain in class since the course of last year.

Date Of Update: 05 February 2022, 03:34

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